f(x)Wallet -> Android app BUG (f(x)core to ethereum bridge issues)

Phone OS (Android or iOS - Apple): Android
Phone language: English
Phone resolution:
FxcCore to Ethereum bridge not working. It is giving unable to connect error. Tried restarting phone, didn’t work.
On further testing I found wallet is showing wrong error message for insufficient fees available.
Other users are also facing this issue.

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So for this case, do you have enough FX left for gas fee?

Let us know.

Thanks in advance.

In this screenshot I didn’t had enough fx left. I tried to transfer 6 fx from fxcore to fx ethereum, when my balance was 10 fx. Instead of low fees error message it showed network error message.

Then I tried to transfer 1 fx and it worked. Bridge fees 6fx and other fees around 0.6 fx was deducted.

The app should show insufficient funds error message. Same was observed during fx ethereum to fxcore transfer.

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