f(x)Wallet -> Android app BUG (FX-CORE address didn't recover after f(X)Wallet was reinstalled)

I made an ticket on zendesk ( 472 )

But after re-installing fx wallet and recovering my wallet only the erc addresses loaded. the fxcore addresses where gone along with the delegation. instead i had a new (and empty) fxcore wallet address

steps to this issue:

  • Uninstalled via the google app store
  • installed via google app store
  • created a new wallet (this to make material for my youtube channel)
  • uninstalled again via app store (to remove the burner account)
  • than reinstalled via app store
  • imported/recovered my wallet
  • erc tokens updated automatically,
  • but the fxcore address did not load, and i got a new empty address,

Currently checking this issue.

Are these your phone specs?

Phone OS (Android or iOS - Apple): Android
Phone language: English
Phone resolution: 1080p

Also, what’s the version of android you’re on.

yes those are my specs,

Android version 9
the phone itself is a samsung galaxy xcover4

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It is fixed,

turns out that the wallet did not load the wallets but that they where waiting to be manually added in the add asset menu.

couldn’t see them cause i had scrolled down to select my addresses

Our tech team suggested this as well, you should manually the addresses missing using the “add asset” menu.

I’ve suggested to our tech team to introduce a way to add non-empty addresses automatically when restoring a wallet. Thanks a lot for finding this bug @Richyshadowlux!