f(x)Wallet -> Android app BUG ($FX to f(x)core unable to connect)

This is happened twice while trying to send Fx to Fxcore

Phone OS (Android or iOS - Apple): android oppo A5
Phone language: english
Phone resolution:

Update worked on my sixth attempt. So not sure if I had a weak internet connection or why it would not work the first five times. But I think it is good if the developers are aware anyway.

Update yet to see my FX be transferred to FXCORE even after successful submission. So ethereum was spent but yet to see it go through. I will update if the transaction is successful.

I was able to get past that by restarting the app.

There are some stability problems it seems like.

Hope you are successful

Yes, first transaction failed, but second time was a success.

I think the app likes a reboot when you update it, so if no reboot after the app install it’s more likely you’ll have an issue

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have you seen it on “my delegation”?


We will check on this.

Have you received your FX on FX Core?

I have received my Fx on Fxcore. Although one time the transaction failed and it took some ethereum. However every time after that it has been successful.