f(X)Wallet -> Android app BUG (Insufficient ETH / fee) || Patched

Hello, when I am going to pay the fees to claim the earnings, this appears to me, could you help me? Thank you

I’ve got in touch with our dev team and this is a known issue, it will be fixed within the next update.


Thank you!!!

Could you tell me when the next update will be, if we continue like this I will not be able to claim the profits and my money will remain frozen


when will i claim and how much eth is needed?

Hi Eduardo, when will be the next update, i cant do anything with my money, thanks

We are currently testing a build of the app so it should be available soon. I don’t have an ETA tho.

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hello, i can not seem to claim my 17 fx tokens with 0.055 eth in my wallet. gwei is 176 at this moment. it says insuffient eth for fees, it doesnt show a preview menu with priority selection, can you help me?

Failure of the swap due to the lack of a network and an error in the ETH balance.