f(x)Wallet -> Android app BUG (Signature failed after update to version 1.7.1)

The problem now is that it won’t let me delegate or claim rewards. The Stake does not appear well either.

Do you get a Signature Failed (S10001) error when you try?

Yes. That’s.


He is having the same issue i am

I guess we have to wait for new update

I’ve moved this to an entirely new thread. We’ll be looking into this, in the meanwhile @SmallFort could you let me know what version of Android you’re on?

A temporary solution to this issue is:

  1. Backup passphrase or ensure the old back up is correct.
  2. Locate f(x)Wallet in your phone’s settings. Clear data and cache.
  3. Uninstall f(x)Wallet.
  4. Restart phone.
  5. Install f(x)Wallet.
  6. Import wallet.

Android 11RKQ1.200826.002

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Thank you. We’ve started working on fixing this bug.

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Thank you very much!

@Telchar Can we also have your Android OS Version?

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Yes it is

Android 11


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Thanks! It works

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sounds like a lack of fx kept for tx fee’s in the wallet type fault

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Merhabalar ben fx wallette PUNDİX transferi yapacam borsaya ama eth yetersiz diyor

Hey, have done this three times, but staking rewards are still not shown. How do I get these back?

In addition, I know can’t delegate or claim my rewards. Please fix this or let me know how to resolves.

I got the same problem after Update to 1.7.1

I cant see any rewards on staking page.
Delegation claim and re-delagation works fine

Samsung A51
Android 11

I backed up my passphrase and did the whole setting, uninstalled, clear cache and everything. I imported my wallet and there’s nothing. No tokens etc. It asked to add tokens.

install the old version of the wallet if the update is not working for you the link is in here somewhere