f(x)Wallet -> Android app (Lookup time period)

I have seen in the telegram groups that people are saying that when they claim their delegator rewards, they are receiving them instantly instead of having to wait 8 hours to receive them in their wallets. I see on the FX Blockchain Explorer under Transactions that this is also happening. People are sending a “MsgWithdrawDelegatorReward” request and then receiving their rewards tokens instantly and then re-delegating them to further compound their rewards without waiting 8 hours to receive them to re-delegate as it was first stated in the HashOut articles (regarding the 8 hour lock-up period).

Is this a bug?

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Thanks for your input.
The 8 hours timeframe is the maximum period to receive your rewards.

Transaction to claim reward can be done faster than 8 hours.
It is not a bug.



I understood that once you delegate your coins, you can do first claim after 8h. I havent tested claiming before 8h delegation, but after 8h i receive rewards instantly.


No, the 8hours period is the timeframe to receive the rewards after you click the claim amount.

Hope it clarifies.

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Thank you for the clarification.