f(x)Wallet -> -- app BUG (ETH address didn’t recover after f(X)Wallet was reinstalled)

I can’t find my etherium account in fx wallet

Hello, can you try to add you ETH address manually by clicking on the “Add Asset” button, and look for the address you used to have?

Also, please let me know your OS type (Android vs iOS) and whether you reinstalled your wallet and recovered using the seed phrase.

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I import my wallet with seed phrase but cant find the text place that ı am suppose do write my address. When I click the add asset button there is hundreds of addresses to choose from and its impossible to find mine. How can ı search my own address?


delete the WALLET and re install app but original wallet has 2 etherium adrres but now 1 etherium adrres there is nothing inside now ı cant add second same etherium adress

hello can you help? I looked at 1000 eth addresses, but I don’t have an eth address and every time I restore, the eth addresses change

From the communications we had with you via Twitter, it seems you managed to fix the issue yourself.
For anyone else reading, @Atcibo imported the wrong seed phrase, from another wallet he owned.

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