f(X)Wallet -> App crash during staking process

Recently I started the process to stake my Pundix. After the approval of the first step (token approval - confirmed by hash record analysis), the f(x) wallet app crashed and I could not reach step 2.

In order to stake, I need to complete the second step. The million dollar question is… Where and how I can approve the staking/complete the second step in f(x) wallet? Or do I need help from an administrator?

Please help! I already missed several staking days… :


Hello, since the approve function has been called already and you can confirm this via the TXID, you should be able to proceed with the second step.


That’s great news. I think we are really close to the solution then.

Please find below my steps/actions:

  1. F(x) wallet go to staking
  2. Click Stake now
  3. Select an ETH account
  4. Stake (available to stake is 596,7 pundix)
  5. Max
  6. Next → The result is the transaction fee screen where I can choose (slow/normal/fast) or advance

What do I have to do now? I am afraid one of the selections in step 6 will charge another Gas fee.
I don’t know where to confirm this via the TXID.

Can you please send me the screens and next steps.
Thanks in advance,

Yes, two fees are supposed to be charged from your account.
The first fee will be taken for the approval transaction (allows your eth address to interact with the contract)
The second fee will be taken for the actual staking transaction.

You should proceed with step 6 you’ve described in your reply if you wish to stake your $PUNDIX tokens.

Yess!! Succesfull transfer. Thanx for your support and help