f(x)Wallet currently supports 4 additional languages. More languages are coming!

Dear Function X members,

f(x)Wallet was originally launched in English. Thanks to the help of a passionate group of volunteers we were able to officially add four additional languages:

Languages supported by f(x)Wallet (as for version 1.7.2)

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese

Now f(x)Wallet development is at full blast and one of the next steps on the roadmap is adding support to more languages. The goal is to make f(x)Wallet to reach more people, especially non English speakers to use Function X services easily with the languages they are familiar with.

Below is a summary of the languages with translation under progress / completed but waiting for implementation. (We will continuously update the status and progress on Function X Forum).

Translations completed, waiting for devs implementation:

Translations under progress:

Translations to be started, waiting for devs support:

  • Russian
  • Romanian
  • Indonesian
  • Malaysian

If you cannot find your local language above, don’t worry. We continuously look for Function X supporters / volunteers who are comfortable in communicating in English and are f(x)Wallet users - especially the ones familiar with staking, swaps and delegating features of the wallet to ensure the best quality of the localization.

If you are interested, please drop a message below indicating your language and availability or DM me. We will coordinate the next steps with you.

We will also assist volunteers to apply marketing rewards from FXDM with their deliverables once the proposal is approved.

Join the task force and look forward to seeing your preferred languages supported in f(x)Wallet!


Strange, why don’t you take me into account in the direction of the Russian language?
I’m ready.


@Blanko Thanks for the interest in collaborating! I will dm you.


One more interest received for Romanian :mechanical_arm:


@Superbit123 As always, thank you for the great support.

I’m already in contact with the Romanian volunteer. :facepunch:


Np, yeah I had to redirect him here.

By the way, not everyone uses the fx forum, would it be okay to ask them to dm you either on twitter or telegram in the future? Just for our reference?

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I can translate to indonesia/melayu language


@IvanFunctionX Thanks for the interest! I will reach out.

So far, we’ve received volunteers interested in translating to Russian, Romanian, Indonesian / Melayu on this topic. If you want to help to translate to another language, feel free to dm me!

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Truly thankful, y’all are the best.


For this one I can support (or) double check the translation, whichever is needed.


When we start translating, people are worried


Dutch is almost finished

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Hello everyone, Pundians!
Hi @zaccheah

I want to offer my strength in translation into Russian and Ukrainian!
I believe we can do more!
And make progress faster!
Additional languages ​​are very important!
In the Russian-speaking world, cryptocurrencies are highly popular. This is a huge market with many cryptocurrency holders. According to statistics!
Ukraine ranks first in the world in terms of the percentage of cryptocurrency holders!



My brother graduated from the Faculty of Philology! Works in her specialty.
He knows English perfectly.
Ready to get started!

I think there is no one struggling for the “TURKISH” language option.

What about Russian?

rather translate into Russian. I have been holding FX for a very long time, well done guys. I wanted to get NFT, I could not figure out how to do it. I’m looking forward to the translation. Thanks to the FX team for their hard work


I think we could use some help with Russian

@11110 please reach out to @BlueStitch or @Judie privately on this to speed up.


Okay thanks! Will be done))!