F(x)wallet interface description document

Hi !

I have a request related to interfacing external applications to f(x)wallet.
I think that the FX community can only grow if we see community applications being developed and allow for a seamless interaction with f(x)wallet private wallets, fully decentralized.

However, for that to happen, we would need some description on how to interface with f(x)wallet transaction validation, either using WalletConnect, or by allowing the opening of the f(x)wallet when a transaction must be validated.

Would it be possible to add such interface description in the gitbook ?



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Just to give an example.
When we used MarginX, we could login thru WalletConnect to setup an interface with a user’s private f(x)wallet.

Another method would be to be able to select an ‘f(x)wallet app’ login method to setup this interface. And it’s actually very practical when doing everything from a smartphone (you can’t display the qr-code and scan it from the same smartphone).

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