F(X)WALLET - Needs Source Code Update

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On August 23 2018 I purchased 2MM FX coins on Yobit exchange, never sold or traded any FX coins since then.

On July 8 of this year I attempted to withdraw some FX coins to a different exchange, but I got a message: ‘ Wallet status: Maintenance’.

I submitted an incident report to Yobit, but have not been able to resolve it; see logs below.

Your thoughts?…


2021-09-01 19:47:46 Peterwtieyogurt

Dear Sir / Madam, FX wallet has been in Maintenance status since July 8, 2021, any status update? Peter Schenk

2021-08-29 23:20:53 Peterwtieyogurt

Hello matveevka, Do you know anyone with the skills required to update my FX wallet? I would be willing to pay a finders fee to you, and a premium for fixing the wallet! Peter Schenk

2021-08-27 14:00:51 Peterwtieyogurt

On August 20 I asked Yobit for information regarding ‘Maintenance problem, have not received an answer to date.

2021-08-20 07:38:54 Peterwtieyogurt

Dear Sir / Madam, Working with Function X to solve your FX wallet in maintenance problem. We need detailed information on what type of problem Yobit experiences, what is coding level / date of your FX wallet. When was it working properly, when has it stopped working. How does Function X submit a correction? Best, Peter Schenk

2021-08-06 09:25:28 matveevka

Good day. Deposit\Withdrawal coin will be available after you upgrade the source code of the wallet. Unfortunately the developers are in no hurry to send you updates - therefore, in order to avoid the loss of users, the network is not available. DICE, CORONA - Internal token Yobit.


2021-08-06 09:20:34 Peterwtieyogurt

Dear Sir / Madam, Since June 29, 2021 I have not been able to trade coins in the following wallets, getting message: Wallet status: Maintenance. zUR, OLDPND, DICE, ERR, FX, XVG, CORONA, and all of remaining holdings. Please perform the necessary maintenance and afford me the opportunity to continue my Crypto Trading with Yobit. Thank you, Peter Schenk