F(x)wallet problems

Hey I’m hoping to get some sort of answer here, I attempted two swaps once via f(x)Wallet pundi x to saitama and once via shibaswap connected to f(x)Wallet both time I was charged gas fees and both times my tokens were not swapped. I’ve made contact with pundi x team 4 days ago asking for help and have kept updating them and still no response. Completely dissatisfied with f(x)Wallet I’ve lost massive profits from saitama gaining and have paid large gas fees sending tokens to my f(x)wallet to swap.

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always wise to do small tests before sending all your tokens into anything, Admin are always busy they will get to you eventually, if you can get an Admins attention on telegram and make sure it is admin ask if they will check up on your ticket number, if your lucky they maybe able to tell you what you did wrong. even adding your zendesk ticket number here will help them better help you more quickly.

Typically the 1st transaction is to approve the tokens to interact with the contract, 2nd would be for the actual swap. Typical of any DEX


So you’d have to pay two gas fees and execute the transaction twice to get it to work?


Have you submit the support ticket on Zendesk?
You can share me the ticket number, so we can look further on your case.

Thanks in advance.

26698 Should be the request number

one is like a small setup l think is a tinny fee and then the main TX with the main eth fee, most times I have used the fast and the fee ends up less then the app quote, I can say I’ve ever isolated the small fee to give it a value


26698 Should be the request number

Our support team has answered your ticket. Please reffer to the issue directly on the ticket.