F(x) wallet -> Pundix chain name, logo and delegation % wrongly displayed

Phone OS (Android or iOS - Apple): andriod
Phone language: english
Phone resolution: 1080p
Fxwallet version : 1.8.1

In the wallet the chain name says functionx instead of pundix on the chain name (while this is the pundix on pundix chain addresses)

In the bnk screen the pundix delegation has the fx logo and copies the apy of fx delegation

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I think first screenshot is meant to be like this, it indicates that assets are on Function X blockchain, something like this -

  • f(x)Core - Function X
  • PUNDIX - Function X
  • Other side-chain on f(x)core - Function X

Nope, this is the pundix on pundix chain.

The pundix on functionx chain is a different asset. Check the add asset and you will see all three options

Yeah, I understand what you meant, it makes sense to me that next to chain name it is indicated that it lives on Function X, f(x)core is interlink for all chains.