f(x)Wallet -> $PUNDIX staking is closed

Merhaba sır, why Pundi x stake is closed :pleading_face::pleading_face:

staking closed on the 15th, more staking will be on main net, do first claim asap and redeem your staked coin back to your wallet before dec 30, hold in your PUNDIX on fx wallet by the june 30th ready for PR token snapshot to be eligible for that if it happens

In the second part of the March Hash Out, we’ve announced that staking will start on the 6th of April and end on the 15th of June 2021.
Our smart contract for staking is now closed, and staking through the f(x)Wallet is not possible. We’ve extended the 15th of June date till 27th of June for FX in order to facilitate reaching the goal for our main-net pool. If you’ve got over 100k FX, and you wish to stake them Zac has announced the extension here Zac: ultimate short guide to claiming - #67 by zaccheah

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Ok thanks…