FAQ — Beta Challenge 🏆

What’s up everyone!

We hope you’re enjoying our very first Beta Challenge: #MXTheFirstAlliance :sunglasses: If you’re still wondering what’s going on… head to MarginX.io to find out!

In the meantime, we know some of you might have a few burning questions :fire: that you need answered — and we want to make sure you only have the best experience.

Please direct all your questions here and one of our Community Wizards will attend to you shortly!

Thank you so much and ALL THE BEST :four_leaf_clover:


We have updated the registration UI, this should ease UX for onboarding process now.

After successful registration, test tokens will take a while to appear inside your wallet; please be patience.

Thank you everyone for your support. :wink:


Here’s a quick screen recording on registration process using Brave Browser.

Hello @orbitant ,

I have a problem with step step 2 (Register):

can enter my MarginX-adress and my email-address, but can’t register to receive the coins!!!

Kind regards,
Guy Schellekens / Belgiumguy🇧🇪

Scenario 1:
If you don’t see popup screen - “Invitation Accepted Successfully” after “Submit” clicked (as shown in above video), likely is backend issue reported. Our dev team is looking into this issue.

Scenario 2:
If you do see popup screen, then registration is successful and it will take a while for the test tokens to appear inside your test wallet.

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Indeed Scenario 1 → I don’t get a popup screen :cry:

Hold tight … will post here once the issue has been resolved. :slight_smile:

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Oke - Thank You Very Much @orbitant for your time.

Greetings Belgiumguy🇧🇪

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Registration issue with error 500 - resolved. Please try again. Thank you for your patience.


Thanks @orbitant for solving the problem.
As soon as the coins appear in my wallet I will take my chance. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks again for your help,
Greetings Belgiumguy

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Thanks for highlighting. Have fun!


Hello @orbitant,

sorry to disturb you,
I have placed some orders, I see them in Open Orders, but I don’t see them in Positions !!!
(See attached screenshot).

Greetings Belgiumguy🇧🇪

It will first show in Open Orders tab - as your orders are in queue. Once filled, It will appear inside Positions.

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hello @orbitant,

Meanwhile it has already appeared (See attached screenshot)
I must have wanted to be a little too fast again.:wink:

Exciting :wink:

Greetings Belgiumguy🇧🇪

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Great.Your Position Price is 724.4,Last Price is 729.5.so need to wait for trading.Have fun


How am I supposed to understand this (see attached screenshot - circled in red) and how does it work please?
Please explain a bit…

Schermafbeelding 2022-07-05 om 11.27.26

Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:


Bridge will be a feature in the future, not for Beta at this moment. We will share more on its functionality once launched.

Cheers :slight_smile:



thanks @orbitant for the quick response & info - Have a nice day.

Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:


You can transfer your USDT to other pairs like TSLA/USDT using the bridge.


Each pair is given 100k USDT. You can transfer it to other pairs using the bridge.

Notes before you transfer:

  • The fee is $0.003.

  • So if you want to transfer $100k, you will have to manually type $99999.997

  • It doesn’t auto-deduct if you key in the full balance - $100000 ( I will suggest this next time )

Typing in $100,000 will result in an error because you have to deduct the fee yourself from your balance.

If you are successful in transferring, it will look like this on your explorer ID.