Farewell guys and best of luck

Bye guys… Sold off over 90% of my holdings of fx and pundix today

I have completely lost trust in the project, have been holding for over 5 years now.

I have made huge profit by the way sold fx at 1.7 and pundix at 6. So, no bad feelings.

Reason I am leaving:

  1. PundiX came up with payment system but now binance and solana have become leaders. No way we can beat them. Zac said no VC, so never really.
  2. PundiX came up with blockchain phone, Solana will be selling the first phone.
  3. The DAPP ecosystem are a disaster
  4. Starscan wallet count seems dodgy. No way, so many people became holders without any positive price impact.
  5. MarginX, well good try, but seems to have failed with less than 15 active users. Of which, I am sure at least 10 are from the team forum. Also, all orders seems to get cancelled. Whats up with that. Its not normal
  6. FXDM is a complete disaster, literally, whats wrong with it. Spend the money on boosting twitter views, less than a 1000 for most of them, the same people seeing it.
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bye bye good luck on another crypto project

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I’am big loss on pundix and fx
Bough pundix 9 $
Bough fx at 1.2 $
But still support this project
You are not real supporter

LOL only a fool would exit now, just a Fudder people that believe & listen to garbage like this don’t deserve to be here anyway, the only way is up from here, good bye !! looser

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He not real supporter
I will stay with fx for better for worse
That how real supporter

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Good to know that you’re making huge profit.

You’re not the first, and definitely not the last.

All the best… Keep watching :slight_smile:


Did you contact andy firmansyah yet?

Criticize - suggest!
Suggest - do it!
Do it - answer!
everything is simple)
and now thousands of projects, I’m sure you can find a decent one!)

You are not real supporter
I hate people kind like this
If you really love function x you should stay for better for worse
That how real supporter


Not cool to post someone’s else wallet address on forum. Everyone has a choice to choose their option. Please refrain from posting wallet address just to prove your point. Cheers!


There is a difference between leading the way & saying your going to lead the way, anyone who truly knows this project knows Pundix was 1st in many departments of crypto Payment & blockchain Phone, bring on the other networks they only make adoption stronger & give us more networks to Partner, to believe we will be in any loss from competition is a lack of understanding we are the leaders of our design type & will always be here & stronger with every year of crypto adoption! and i can assure you PUNDIX/FX is 1000x the project it was when it started, PUNDIX seeks to collaborate with networks not beat them at any game.