First Governance Vote - Binance Smart Chain

Hi team,

Heads up that the governance voting page is live!

There is no proposals yet and the foundation plan to submit the first proposal in the next 24 hours on Binance Smart Chain support for the Function X ecosystem. This will expand BSC’s ecosystem and liquidity into Function X ecosystem (incl PundiXChain, FXCore, etc). It will be mutually beneficial to both ecosystem.

Binance Smart Chain proposal will last 14 days, if approved the foundation will need no more than 7 days to deploy BSC. This means a total of 21 days from the day this proposal is submitted for BSC to go live, if voting is in favor FOR this proposal.

As said, anyone can propose a proposal on the governance voting page, but please allow the foundation to have the honor of making this first proposal tomorrow :slight_smile: We will also submit a second proposal on Decentralized Marketing. Will share the proposal link up here once we submit the proposal, in 24 hours! (and we can tweet after the link is up in 24 hrs, not now)

Thank you, this is the way.


This is really exciting. Launching the governance voting mechanism is a critical step forward - and launching it with the BSC proposal is perfect.


Welcome to the new chapter - the decentralised governance

Function X is moving forward, slow and steady. The vision and direction shall be decided collectively


Hope Decentralized marketing is amended to include paid promotions also.
Check out first sponsored youtube video from community donations. New video coming in few days also from community donations.


I had the honor being the first voter :smiley: thx for your work…

lets #buidl the future, this is the way

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i created an NFT on Polygon for this historic Event :slight_smile:

i am honored to be part of this journey…

this is the way


you have to connect your fx wallet with the explorer and have coins in the governance… either as delegator or as validator…

the more coins you have in the governance the more power your vote has…

Brilliant. Love it.


Wow! The voting experience is amazingly interactive. Well done folks!

Sorry I could not find the scan option in app… where is it ?

  1. Tap blue button at centre bottom after keying in password in your fx wallet.
  2. Tap Scan; choice closet to blue button.
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Can’t download the newest Android version. No voting option yet. After scan button…nothing but flash as an option. Guess I will miss this historic event. But would have voted yes.

only connects to wallets that have delegated or are validators

Over 40000 delegated so far

Since day 1

Wish we could do it. Phone is my computer. No access.

open the web page on another device and scan with your phone surely you have someone with another phone around

Over 1% of current voting. System seems cumbersome and reduces access. As well as parameters for proposals changing regularly from the looks of it.

Just voted yes for this proposal. The setup works quite nicely, once I figured out the proposal page should be opened on the PC.

May be team should put one page together to go over the steps of how to vote.

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Put it to our youtube content creator someone want to tag him I forget who it is

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