Focusing on the use case

How do we get a major chain to embrace PundiX as a POS system ? We focus on the use case.
What do major chains like restaurants want from a POS system that accepts crypto ? They want it to be easy for the customer and easy for them.
For the customer experience to be pleasant the POS should accept any kind of coin they own and want to pay with (although this might usually be USDT it doesn’t have to be ) . And it must support multiple ways of them doing this transaction.
For the restaurant’s experience to be pleasant, they should be able to choose to automatically convert any crypto money earned into their coin of choice instantly without their intervention (could also usually be USDT). So it could be like something in the settings of the POS machine they could configure to exchange anything earned into a selected coin

If we could have this feature for the restaurants I think we can go ahead and target some major chains and perhaps even provide them with free POS machines. This is how change starts . @zaccheah @DavidK I hope you see reason in my post.


What you basically just explained is what xpos dose & is already & building to be, what merchant needs to understand is their need for such technology & understand enough to use it, most average people don’t understand how WiFi works & usually have other people set it up for them, the problem is not what the product is ready to provide it’s the lack of knowledge of the tech & reasons why they need it, There is a big void yet to be filled & an opportunity for tech savvy people to take advantage of it to help major chains Incorporate systems like these; but until some people step up to the plate & see the position to be filled it’s left to the business that have tech savvy minded staff; which has got a long way to go trust me. we also need a better breed of master distributor whom are pushing to enter large chains we don’t seem to have any to date with that kind of bravado with the tech knowledge to be the technician these businesses need to see.

@zaccheah how about a big EGF prize for the top 3 biggest chains adopting Xpos for those whom bring the partner by Xmas. give People inspiration to push adoption to large chains & adopt Xpos; of course the chain will have to credit you of the introduction to be in the running.