Foundation Validator Revenue Report

Dear team,

An annual report for accumulated revenue generated by our validators - 2,673,224 $FX tokens. This accumulation is since the launch of these validators.


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Thank you to the team from Function X to delivery whenever we need it. I am impressed.

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Hi @zaccheah !

There is something that looks weird to me…
Having a check at FX statistics show a variation of almost *3 in terms of “Fee volume”

However, when I check at our validator’s commission rewards, it almost doesn’t variate (< 1% variation).
Would there be something I didn’t understand in the chart or in the validator’s commission distribution ?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @FrenchXCore always good to ask question and double-check numbers, @lancelai can you take a look.


The number of inflation per block is about 22, and the average block generation time is 6 seconds. The number of FX tokens inflated in one day is 24 * 3600/6 * 22 = 316800. The proportion of fee rewards in inflation rewards is very small

Hi @lancelai !

I understand what you say, but don’t understand how it relates to the chart.

If fee volume is 3* more, i suppose that there were at least 3* more transactions, or at least 3* more transaction fees.

What i don’t understand is why we don’t see this reflect toward validators’ commission fees, since a big part of the transaction fees are being split toward validators.



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Since the proportion of fee rewards in inflation rewards is very small, it wouldn’t reflect much and the charts you sent are only showing for 7 days.

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