FoxGaming Proposal our preview&discussion!

What does the Fox say?
“Welcome everybody!”

We started as a community “meme coin idea” named “Fox Coin”, and finished as “FoxGaming” with a live token and NFT marketplace called “FOXCHANGE” being released soon, also we are one of the 50 Validators securing the FX network. Join the FOX Army :fox_face: and delegate your FX to support our Project!

Our goal is to provide some serious upgrade to function x with a mass adoption use case!
Every chain needs its own NFT marketplace, so here is our! FoxChange where people can sell Function X NFT & more!

FoxGaming is not only a marketplace, as a second goal we currently working on an NFT Trading Card Game with high-quality background lore. You can find more information on our homepage:

General Informations:

Project: FoxGaming
Token: $FXG
Founder: Loil

What we already accomplished:

1. Seed Investor Round

50 Investors were gathered with 2% of supply being allocated. We raised around 150,000$.

2. Pre Sale

In November/December 2021 we held a small pre-sale round 1. Around 100 new Investors
joined the project.

3. Token burn

We burned 88% of our total supply. All unsold tokens got burned.

4. Listing on CEX/DEX

We are live on $Pancakeswap and

5. Staking Program

You can stake your $FXG on and earn up to 54% APY!

6. Building Community

There were many AMA held by FoxGaming building a community. We are around 600 members on telegram, and we already got fresh people from other chains into Function X.

Amount of $FX requested:

200,000 FX

  • integrate more chains to make our NFT marketplace “cross-chain”!

  • starting big marketing campaign!

  • increase the users to a level fees can pay for our monthly costs!

we already spent around 100,000$ on our project. Now it`s time to run big marketing and bring our project to the next level. In our opinion, a cross-chain marketplace running mainly on FX Core will attract a lot of new investors & customers to FunctionX, Purse and PundiX!

Proposal - Developer

FoxGaming already did a lot of work. Feel free and have a look at our first open test version. You can mint, sell and buy already on the rinkeby test net with any metamask useable browser. As soon as EVM is live on FX we can integrate our marketplace by literally copy&pasting our developed code :)!

$FXG is the main currency to pay for fees or bid on auctions! We are looking forward to getting listed on FXWallet to make it community friendlier.

(open testversion lite) TEST ME! :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face:

Distribution schematic:

  • 115,000FX directly after the proposal successfully passed. We will use the funds to start our marketing campaign. Promoting Function X and our marketplace “FOXCHANGE”!

  • 15,000FX after every new chain added to our marketplace. (up to 45,000FX)

  • 40,000FX distributed partly as bounty for new investors we brought the Function X community.



  1. Launchpad - hosting launchpads for other NFTS projects as soon as we have a decent amount of users. This will bring Artists/Developer to the FX Community!

  2. First big use-case, our marketplace is in the final stages. Our TechTeam is looking forward to launching in the next few weeks!

Stay updated and follow us on social media:

Telegram: Contact @foxcoinholeofficial

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Disclaimer: This poll is just a tool to get the sentiment around this proposal and it will NOT affect on-chain voting in any way. If your proposal is getting a good sentiment around the community, it might signal that the proposal is good to go to the next phase, otherwise, some modifications might be necessary.

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  • NO

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as large investor of the project in the seed round i believe in everything being created, but please don’t burn the projects funds with a proposal, thats 10k fx in the oven.



we wait until further changes are made from function x so we can have a fair chance! :slight_smile:

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I think your just getting duped putting any money into a proposal, spread the word, but keep the money and use it somewhere where its not a guaranteed loss


Hi !

Is it working on ERC20 or FxCore-native like FXDEX ?

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We are currently running on BEP and swap to FX with evm.

Marketplace will be cross chain in the future. With erc bep and fx

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BEP and swap to FX thru EVM ?
Is there a contract address please ?

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Token address:


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@Fox_Coin , i’m just wondering.
How’s it going to benefit the FxCore blockchain (beside attractif users who could as well use the BNB blockchain) if the FoxCoin is relying on BEP ?

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As mentioned we swap on fx with evm. Our project is cross chain based. Having a nft marketplace for our FX ecosystem is a big benefit.

We started on BEP20 because we didn’t want to wait longer for smart contract support on fx chain.
I am glad we didn’t wait. Now our marketplace is nearly ready. And we can launch it with evm on fx and support fx with an usecase.


Also an nft marketplace open the door for artists and develope creating projects on fx


Alright, thanks @Fox_Coin !


for testing, is it needed real eth for gas fee?

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Are all the pictures/artwork currently used on the website original?

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I’m warning up to Fox now, my only opinion is wait for more to get off the project nodes, people that want proposals to past need to encourage those sitting on project nodes to move to public nodes so they can go back to sleep and allow public nodes to vote proposals in, some sitting on project nodes may also trust in the decision of the team validators and sit there deliberately, but more need to move to public node’s; also I would start weeks in advance in social media airing your intent to launch your proposal vote as I think this is another reason Daoverse failed


No testnet rinkeby

They are from the artist we are connected with. These artworks unfortunately won’t make it into the game because they already released them. Also our head developer and author is very passionate and detailed. He’s writing for every single card a briefing.

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Good project, Fox Coin team. But $200k is a lot of money. Shouldn’t you release some sort of Whitepaper that explains your plan in more detail. For instance, Projections, Who are the people involved, Milestones, How you are different, How you plan on competing with the big players and other such questions that can motivate the community to support you.


The pictures and artworks on your website can be found on a few artwork website which may mean that it isn’t original and could be plagiarized artwork that do not belong to you. Care to comment on this?

I collect a lot of pictures that’s why i instantly recognised those pictures on your website that i have seen on artist’s website before. Are you connected to them?

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Yes as we mentioned on our homepage. We bought the license for the used artworks. These artworks are example for the art style we will use in the game and yes we are Talking to these artists.

Attached is a small example how we brief the artdesigners to create the art designs

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