Free Xpos Node

Proposal Idea, I’m not really looking to run this, as I think this maybe better in the teams hands;
1m FX or less

Fx or more likely PUNDI X Chain node purely for the purposes of creating rewards to supply free Xpos to impoverish country’s or people anywhere that just want to give the business of suppling crypto a go, or to out of the way locations.

this will help speed up adoption and send Xpos where it would otherwise not have gone

Start Funds Depending on the requirement of Pundix quantity needed for pundi x chain node, the fund requirement is the necessary amount to start the node; then the added community delegators also empowers the validator to bring the rewards high enough to supply the demand to what community would like to see.

with all PR rewards used to supply free Xpos’s or as suggested heavily discounted Xpos’s, the node will also need to pay it’s own server costs
Note you as a delegator keep your rewards if you delegate to this Node, it’s your choice if you donate any PR, the rewards that go to Xpos’s are those the Validator earns minus running costs.

Master distributor’s could also request unit’s for worthy operators, after covid merchant stores will need all the help they can to recover a tool provided for free could make a big difference the value would be embraced. Or maybe help kick start another country embracing Crypto,

the team can have a donation wallet all rewards and donations of PR go’s into also for if people so choose to donate PR; from which the teams draws the PR required to buy the Xpos and postage fee’s and distribute them.

all I can think of for now; I may add with your suggestions or new thoughts

FX usage the requirement needed to start the node
: if I run the node 25% of what’s left go’s to my Labor and input
: remainder of funds go to delegation to empower the Node to earn the PR

I need a hit back from the team to know if this idea would be in the way of required Validators of the eco system, Feed back It’s a way would idea I’m not really wanting to run, I don’t want the tax concerns

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This is a good idea. If we distribute heavily discounted units, it will be better then giving out free units since XPOS will end up with merchants who plan to use it.

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it’s a good idea

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