French-speaking FX Community proposal


Following the proposition to create FX Community, here it is the one for the French-speaking community. We really hope that will convince you.

Best regards,

Guillaume B.

Proposal Details:

We aim to gather French-speaking people (Belgium, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, the Ivory Coast, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, France, Haiti, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mali, Monaco, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Switzerland, Togo and Vanuatu) together onto a common FunctionX banner and promote FunctionX and PundiX towards a community estimated to 300 million people, and as much as 700 million people by 2050 (considering Afri-ca’s continent growth).
This group aims at providing education to people on matters like blockchain and cryptocurrency and make the FunctionX ecosystem accessible to all.
To achieve this goal, we have a two-step plan relying on both digital and physical actions. Once we succeed, we will have a strong autonomous and educat-ed community.


Right now, two people compose our team. We are two students in fifth year of digital communication and project management in a block release training:

  • The first one is specialized in community-management such as Twitter, In-stagram, and LinkedIn: she is a creative person who never lacks energy.
  • The other one is specialized in movie making and graphic design: he in-tegrated the FunctionX community in early 2022, has already published videos for FunctionX and is still doing it.
    In addition, we both master the Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Premiere Pro, etc) to create digital content to support messages and we are both are aspiring project managers.
    We are both located in Toulon (south-east of France, between Nice and Mar-seille), on the French Riviera which is a particularly-rich environment, industrially and economically, since it is the biggest military dock in Europe.
    We also rely on FrenchXCore, who represents a group of investors since No-vember 28th, 2021. Since this date, he managed his community thru Twitter and the FunctionX forum and focused on spreading awareness, education, and started to develop cApp and dApp content. He is very active in the development of the ecosys-tem.

Social Media:

We currently did not feel empowered to create any account representing FunctionX or PundiX for French-speaking people. We currently do not have any French-speaking account dealing with FunctionX and crypto-world, nor any social media.
Our intent is to be empowered by the FunctionX team to do so, thru this FXDM initiative.

Initiative summary:

o What problem is the proposal solving?

Currently, there is already quite a lot of information related to the crypto eco-system for French-speaking people, but most of it is completely unaware of the FunctionX ecosystem. Most information is essentially accessible in English lan-guage and this is impossible to find any information some if you are a non-English-speaking. Therefore, our team is here to respond to this problem. Thanks to our ex-periences in cryptocurrency, communication, and project management, we want to develop a French-speaking community awake to issues related to crypto-currency, blockchain and FunctionX ecosystem.

o How is the problem being solved?

As explained earlier, we have a two-step plan with two different timeframes both digital and physical.

The first step is a short-term one, it aims to establish a communication strate-gy to develop the brand image of FunctionX to French-speaking people.
First, we will use the FunctionX’s corporate identity to harmonize all our communication medias. In a first time, we will use Facebook, and Instagram. In terms of content that we will broadcast, we have several leads. Indeed, we will pub-lish in accordance with the English content and then translate it in French. In addi-tion, we want to democratize the FunctionX ecosystem: so, we will vulgarise all no-tions (e.g., what is a crypto currency?). Moreover, we will bounce on all the events related to FunctionX (e.g., the implementation of EVM). To provide some dynamic contents, we will use mock-ups and use specific videos. Indeed, video is becoming an increasingly important part of communication. Therefore, to meet this need, we will create some very short videos (ideally around 20 seconds) on a specific topic and, every month, we can offer a video that summarize the FunctionX ecosystem month (ideally around 50 seconds).
To be sure, that our communication is working well, we will create a commu-nication schedule that will prepare publications for the month to come and will use all the tools that we have to make it work (Insta’s reels, hashtags, use of trends, use of influencers, etc.).

The second part of the plan is a mid-term one: the idea is to create an event that gather people interested into the crypto-world, or not, and to benefit of this to make the promotion of FunctionX.
This event is inspired from the Pint of Science concept ( We aim to gather people in a welcoming place, like a pub and/or a restaurant, and to hold a conference, on a theme defined in advance, in an intimate setting. We would include a potentially entrance fee (unless it is sponsored by partners like FunctionX or PundiX), a drink-fee (e.g., a pint or a soft) and a conference of a French-speaking speaker, actor in the field of crypto-currency. At the end of the event, there will be a Q&A session and maybe a ques-tionnaire to create some interaction between the speaker and the public. In addition, some sponsored FunctionX goodies could be distributed to spread the FunctionX ecosystem.
The aim of this event is to create some links inside the French-speaking community and with other people that might be interested with the ecosystem. Of course, we will do a media coverage to promote the event onto our social media. This would be a great step to join some well-known French blockchain events in the future.

o Expected impact and value for the Function X community

With this two-step plan, we expect many things. First, we want to develop and popularise even more the FunctionX ecosystem by vulgarise and democratize the crypto-world for French-speaking people. Of course, the purpose is to touch the largest public and bring them to FunctionX.

o Metrics/KPIs to track results

First step, short term:
-Create the French FunctionX Facebook, and Instagram accounts page, and reach:
o 300 subscribers in 6 months,
o 1.000 subscribers in 12 months,
o 3.000 subscribers in 24 months,
o 10.000 subscribers in 36 months.

Second step, middle term:
-Setup an event for at least 100 people and fill 60% of the room within the first 12 months.

o Plan to achieve the metrics/KPIs

In order to achieve our goal, we will first create a Facebook page, and an Instagram account. On those accounts, that we will keep active, we will produce content, like articles or videos, about FunctionX and PundiX news or events.
To promote the social networks, we will be in touch with some French-speaking influencers from the crypto-world.

Then, to create our event, we need to be in contact with a bar or a pub to host the event and to be in touch with a French-speaking speaker who may intervene.
Finally, we have to get along with a company who could realize all the goodies that we need locally (unless they are being provided).

Funding details

o Total requested amount in USD:

To animate the community, we would request:
o 500 USD per month up to 300 subscribers,
o 1000 USD per month up to 1.000 subscribers,
o 2000 USD per month up to 3.000 subscribers,
o 5000 USD per month up to 10.000 subscribers.
This would include the realization of 20-seconds videos (every 2 week) and mock-ups.

Other incentives might be required towards FXDM for more in-depth video editing, for focused airdrops or crypto-gifts, for the mid-term event, for goodies or any other required package. For example, we need 800 USD for a 50 second video that summarize the FunctionX ecosystem month, video that can be in English.

o Funding scheme:

The funding could rely on standard FX tokens distribution for man-made work, but would require fiat funding or direct-payment for regular expenses (subcon-tractor, events, goodies, etc.)

o Wallet address:


Links to similar, previously funded events


As far as we’re concerned, regarding Plan to achieve the metrics/KPIs, I would recommend adding animation over TikTok and Twitter social networks as well.



We can do it, it will just require more time to run them. It might mean expanding the team and requiring an increase in the monthly payment.
Our idea was to proceed step by step and federate on two social networks (Facebook and Instagram), then federate on two new social networks and so on. We prefer to move forward with milestone courses than to conduct too many fronts at once and get lost in them.


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Hi Guigs,

First of all, we are very delighted to receive your proposal.

The initial purpose of the FX Community proposal is to build a regional community and expand the presence of Function X. I have a few questions and concerns regarding this proposal. Please find my comments below:

  1. I would like to see the proposal to focus on Social Media (in French) and community building. As you mentioned, there are many countries that speak French as their native language and this will be very exciting for Function X community growth.

  2. Regarding the videos, I suggest submitting to FXDM. All online related matters for articles/designs/videos/etc are covered by FXDM and will be voted by the FXneers.

  3. I suggest you apply the fund periodically with the KPI target. For example, $1500 in September-December 2022 with 800 subscribers and x% of community active rate as the KPI target. 20% will be released upfront and the rest will be released when you hit the KPI target. It also can be the benchmark for the next proposal since you already have the track record.

  4. I personally think the tracking metrics should be based on subscribers number + activity rate (or anything). It cannot rely only on subscriber number because we need to make sure that it is active and growing, especially in the early stage.

For a start, we will measure a social account’s actual growth through 4 basic Metrics/KPIs based on engagement for now:

  • Subscribers/Followers - How many people are subscribing/following you.
  • Impressions - This tells you how many times a post or profile has been seen - The total views.
  • Web Traffic - This is to see where most of the audience is coming from. Eg. France, Scotland, Singapore. In this case, it should be mostly the French-speaking community and not other countries.
  • Mentions - This metric is for when an account tags your business account or mentions your brand - It can happen in a post, in a comment, in a story or directly to you.

For a full explanation on what each metric is, you can view it at:

Since FXDM is a variable reward - you can win prizes based on your actual content - you have a very good chance of winning since you deal with graphic design.

Since Community Proposal is a FIXED dynamic payment through monthly grants and adjusted based on metrics, there should be a minimum expectation of engagement

Let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Indra,

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll try to respond to your comments and to explain and present some of our choices.

First of all, we have chosen to make a proposal including a face-to-face event because we think it is something important to federate a community. However, if you do not want us to organise this, there is no problem.

Regarding the videos, we would like to provide a template to be validated by FXDM so that we can have a sound graphic basis and then only have to add the technical aspect. If the content is to be validated by FXDM, we will need to work together to keep to the pre-defined publication schedules. It would be a shame if we missed a publication because one of our two parties failed.

For the KPIs, we understand the addition of the engagement rate. If this seems like an additional evaluation to measure the success of the operation, then we can add it.

As far as the funds are concerned, we would like to keep the idea of a monthly payment, with a nuance, rather than the proposed system.
In our experience, we have always seen and done a payment per task, i.e. for creating visuals, moderating interaction spaces, managing accounts… And then on top of that there are bonuses for success and meeting the KPIs requested by the client.
This translates into a remuneration base, corresponding to a minimum defined in advance, to which are added bonuses for the good respect of the KPIs.

What we propose is to define this minimum amount together and then adapt a table to determine the amount of bonuses (over a month or a given period) according to the number of subscribers, the rate of engagement, the respect of KPIs and the number of social networks used.

Regarding your statement on FXDM, if I understand correctly, if we provide graphics for our communication, we have to submit them to FXDM and therefore can get remuneration for this?


Guillaume B & Valentine C

Hi Guigs,

We appreciate your response.

We would love to have you on board for French region community building and real-life F2F events since FX Community Proposal’s original purpose was to promote Function X’s offline presence.

Regarding online content creations like educational videos, guides, articles, and more, this will have to go through FXDM like everyone else, whether a beginner or a professional.

The original purpose of FXDM & Community Proposal:

  • FXDM - to promote Function X’s online presence through content creations like educational videos, articles, and more.
  • Community Proposal - to promote Function X’s offline presence through community building, followed up with real-life F2F meetup events in a specific targeted region/country.

To give some context, a Youtuber with 80k+ subscribers that made content for Function X before, also went through FXDM.

★ The content creator with the best creativity will stand to win FX through a voting process.

So a summary would be:

  • You may apply for monthly grants through Community Proposal for regional community building and F2F meetup events, targeting French-speaking people → specifically for offline presence.

  • Your content creation like videos and articles can go through the FXDM voting process and stand a chance to win FX like all the other content creators → specifically for online presence.

This way, you can have the best of both worlds.

  1. Monthly grants for regional community building and F2F offline events
  2. Chance to win prizes through your content creation, like videos and articles

Given your background in graphic design and blockchain knowledge, you are already ahead of the game against everyone else, so you have a higher chance of winning.

FXDM - Online events → Variable reward through a voting process based on creativity
Community Proposal - Offline events → Monthly dynamic funding, adjusted based on Metrics/KPIs

We’re looking forward to your response.

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If we understand correctly, you would like us to organise an event as initially presented in our proposal?
If so, we will provide you with a detailed plan for the event. This plan will include all the actions necessary for the event to take place (graphic aspect, communication aspect, etc.) and also the spending areas (without necessarily indicating a precise value).


Guillaume B & Valentine C

@indra , @SCENE ,

May I intervene to clarify things from our young students standpoint.

It was not clear that the Community Proposal was reserved exclusively for offline events.
How would we expect anyone to run an FX “offline” event without building a community online first ? As far as I can see, there’s no French community online (at least, not a “federated” one).
Animating a social community is definitely a time-consuming process, time that I don’t have, that’s why I tried to onboard Guillaume & Valentine on this issue (and also because that will be partly their job in the future). I sincerely think that such a task should be rewarded faithfully.

Also, going thru FXDM for every single “production” is not going to be compatible with a communication schedule. Guillaume & Valentine might expect a < 72h validation for “productions”. It’s not about money, it’s about time and achieving goals. FXDM team is currently not adapted to supporting such production verification schedules.

On my side, I offered Guillaume & Valentine to check their content “for free” because I’m assuming a French community would greatly deserve our general FX cause and our validator specifically.

I think we all need to workout something smoother than it is currently expected… because nothing will come out from this discussion if we don’t, at least, try… (for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months…)

Regards !


Youtuber with 80k ++ you need pay 1k usd
Expensive marketing

Better choose 20k youtuber
50 to 100 usd
You can endorse much more video

Thank you for your response. @Guigs @FrenchXCore

Community Proposal - to promote Function X’s offline presence through community building, followed up with real-life F2F meetup events in a specific targeted region/country.

As mentioned in the previous post, it will be about building a community first before following up with a real-life event. So what does → Community building, followed up by a real-life event - mean?

Let’s break it down into simpler terms.

Regional Community Building:

  • Forming a Facebook / Telegram / Discord Group
  • Maintaining and moderating the group
  • Targeting a specific set of audience - French in this case
  • Promote Function X and its ecosystem
  • Be socially involved, like chatting and educating
  • Achieving the 4 basic metrics/KPIs

The end goal after you have already established a bonded community is to organize an offline event where you can invite everyone to a friendly meetup session for a more intimate connection - 2nd step.

  • You may apply for additional grants in FX to organize an offline event, only after you have established your group.
  • You will take on the role of a community leader that mediates social interaction and promotes Function X.

The team would love to have you onboard if you have relevant experience in managing and leading a regional community with a background in organizing offline events.

In summary:

  1. Manage and lead a regional community group through community-building efforts.
  2. Organize a meetup session once the group has been established, which can be months later.

As for content creation, this is a separate category from the Community Proposal.

If you remember, Function X has a strict policy of no-paid content.

  • There isn’t any remuneration for content creation.

  • The community proposal grant is for leading a community group with the end goal of organizing offline events, not making videos - 2 different purposes.

If there is no-paid content, how will content creators be rewarded for making > voluntary content?
The answer is FXDM.

So why is FXDM more effective than just paying an influencer/designer/animator to make 1 video?

Let’s dive in.

  • FXDM is a monthly open contest for all kinds of content for talent display
  • Equal opportunity for everyone, including non-content creators, to promote inclusion
  • FXDM receives multiple entries while maintaining a fixed budget
  • Everyone will go through the same voting process to promote fairness

Paying an influencer/designer for only one or two videos per month will not be as effective as hosting a contest where you get multiple growing entries every month for the same amount of money, and their content is also posted through a variety of channels, which will also boost Function X’s SEO algorithm.

And because it is a contest, everyone is committed to up their game to win that 1st prize or even better, Editor’s Choice - it will be a battle of creativity and originality.

To put this effectiveness into perspective:

  • Fixed budget but the foundation gets growing entries every month
  • In the future, even if we receive over 10,000 video submissions, the budget will stay the same
  • We get all kinds of content creators - Youtubers / Video Editors / Motion Designers / Animators
  • It is more cost-efficient and effective in the long-run
  • Function X gets to keep their long-standing principle of no-paid content

Every content creator participating will have the same opportunity to display their creativity in their own free time.

FXDM is a scalable marketing strategy that is cost-efficient and effective while still giving everyone an equal opportunity to display their creative ideas.

I hope this clears up the difference between Community Proposal and FXDM for future proposers! :+1:

Originally, that was the plan to differentiate between Community Proposal and FXDM.

But the related team @BlueStitch will make an exception for this proposal and is currently still in discussion and will get back to you soon! :smiling_face:

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Hi everyone,

Good discussion so far!

For starters, it is best to do a trial for 3 months with a total budget of 1000$ worth of FX.

As @indra mentioned above, it is essential to gather metrics based on engagement:

  • Subscribers/Followers - How many people are subscribing/following you.
  • Impressions - This tells you how many times a post or profile has been seen - The total views.
  • Web Traffic - This is to see where most of the audience is coming from. Eg. France, Scotland, Singapore. In this case, it should be mostly the French-speaking community and not other countries.
  • Mentions - This metric is for when an account tags your business account or mentions your brand - It can happen in a post, in a comment, in a story or directly to you.

For social media, my suggestion is to start with a Telegram group for communication, a Facebook group for sharing, discussion and Twitter to engage. Then you can check whether more social media channels are good to create based on the feedback you receive and the actions you take.

Regarding meetups, it’s also essential to share videos and pictures of the meetup with the community. Since you are still in university, you can start by inviting students to join you and expand from there. Create a “hub”. I think most universities allow to create communities for different topics.

Let us know what you think. Looking forward to seeing FX French community grow!

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Hi @SCENE and @BlueStitch !

This is much… much… much clearer ! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the effort BTW.

A package might be “handy” would be to provide those chosen to to social media animation with a full list of “important information” : like how to contact the team for different purposes, how to submit an FXDM proposal, what are the guidelines for participating in a group, etc.

Another thing would be to provide bots for Telegram temporary and definitive bans (so many scammers/spammers).

One last thing would be to provide official video and flyer’s sources for translation (with a bit of time before official communication), as part of the effort to animate a specific-language. I’m pretty sure Guillaume (@Guigs) and Valentine could handle that.

I’d be so glad to see this works… I’ve seen it work pretty nicely over Elrond projects, and I’m pretty sure FX needs to develop further over here.

Best regards.


Hi @FrenchXCore, i have a recommendation for a telegram bot if you need one. :fist_right: :fist_left:

  • Shieldy Bot was acquired by 1inch Network.

Quite a few known projects use it.

It has an MIT license so you will be able to use it for any purpose as long as you credit the original developers! :smiling_face:

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Hi FrenchXCore,

We can also use our current telegram bot for this group. The bot is created by @eduardstal.

Let me know when you need it and we can set it up.

Looking forward to welcome @Guigs and Valentine!


Hi everyone,

Thank you all for all those precisions.

To complete what @FrenchXCore said, we need to have some complementary informations :

  • How often you want us to post?
  • How do you want us to communicate with each other?
  • We’ve never used Telegram, is it difficult to learn?
  • Are there any options for additional videos?
  • Do we need to have the monthly schedule validated before publication?

We really want to work with you, but to be quite honest, we don’t know at the moment whether we are going to get the project done. Indeed, it will depend on how much work you need from us. It has to be in line with the monthly grants. If we have all the material and just need to put it into French, then $1000 for 3 months seems about right. However, if we have all the content to produce and translate. It might be a little short. Running an online community is a time-consuming task, we have many projects on the go and we want to be able to do all of these projects well.


Guillaume B & Valentine C

Hé Guigs and Valentine.
Congratulations, the first 1k $ reward is in the pocket i read:

Way to go.

Don’t know if it helps, but maybe this link is useful

for the guidlines and rewards for online content.

And this one:

Much good and regular functionx info.
Ready to be translated (also see section "localization* on the fxdm websie:

Maybe these are good starting points, anyway hope it can be of use.

Great proposal. Hope it will work out.

Regards Jan


Hello to all,

Sorry for the absence, we were in the process of taking our final exams and now we have graduated with honours.

Concerning the proposal, from our side, it still stands. What about yours? If it still stands, how can we organise ourselves in the implementation of the proposal?
On our side, we propose :

  • social networks: setting up a Telegram network and a Twitter
  • content: use of what can be found on English-speaking social networks and popularisation of the subject.
  • KPIs: number of views, number of subscribers, number of mentions and engagement rate. These are the KPIs we usually use.

The only downside is the ability to get a quick validation of our graphic and video creations. This is important for us and could eventually allow us to bounce on hot news. Can @FrenchXCore take this role, if you don’t mind?

Thanks in advance,

Guillaume B & Valentine C

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@Guigs ,

It’s ok for me, if the team is fine with it. @Richard @zaccheah ?



Hi @Guigs, welcome back

Yes, it still stands. I think it would be great if @FrenchXCore is okay with it, all good from our side.

As we mentioned previously, we can start with 3 months first. After that we can track and review based on the KPI.

It will be very exciting!


Thank you for your feedback.
I’m starting to work on a series of visuals & videos to which I’ll just have to add the content. In parallel, I am designing the editorial planning and creating the pages for the different networks (Telegram & Twitter).

Regarding the translation of posts from English networks to French networks. How can we make sure that I know the content in advance (so that we can synchronise) and that they send us the visuals/videos so that I can add them to the posts?


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