FrenchXCore : Breaking news

Look at this —> A bulk 100-transfers of $FX in a single transaction with almost no fee…

You’re not prepared to what will be coming soon ! :wink:

Enjoy ! (actually, I do !)


what is this any hint ?

Probably a massive hint. Its from a council member. When @FrenchXCore speaks, you know something’s up. His knowledge on matters related to blockchain is irrefutable.

What the team is cooking behind closed doors never fails to surprise? Thank God, I kept on slowly buying more and more at the dip, looks like will receive a massive payoff soon.

So many things coming up, don’t know where to point. Firstly, a real world use case for Function X network valued at over $200 million, i e. Pundi X. Derivatives trading (MarginX) may suddenly be announced on the mainnet. EVM could bring in more DEFI worth millions or maybe even billions, thereby, increasing the use cases. To sustain all of this development, they might have achieved theoretical max TPS or maybe even broken speed that was thought impossible before.

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Two things:

  • hints are given in my tweets :wink: @FrenchXCore1
  • we’re not from the team. Just developing ideas and features that the team might appreciate, and we keep exploring the $FX blockchain capabilities continuously… :wink: