Function X All-Hands Meeting on July 14th 2022

You are invited to join the #FunctionX All-Hands Meeting :fire: Let’s celebrate #FXCORE 1st anniversary and discuss the progress with surprises :wink: :partying_face:

You don’t want to miss this one :raised_hands:

:date: Mark your calendar :point_right: 14th July at 9 pm GMT +8

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You’re welcome to leave your questions and suggestions below! See you soon everyone!


Question 1: Will there be any bug bounty programs?

Having a bug bounty program is important because it allows the community and white-hat actors to actively start looking for bugs to strengthen the security of the ecosystem, and they will be incentivized to not be bad actors especially since EVM is coming soon.

The reward may be based on the severity of the bug found and will be determined by the foundation and tech team.

For example, if anyone manages to find more unknown bugs relating to privacy, exploits & more.

Question 2: How soon can we expect FXCore to IBC to Cosmos?

This is a question from Cryptocito.

I understand that it takes 2 hands to clap and this also depends on Cosmos and Cosmos Explorers side.

  • Do you mind sharing any updates / progress?

Thanks @SCENE for catching a bug from fxwallet. @BlueStitch I think Scene deserves to get a bug bounty.


Thank you for the kind gesture :smiling_face:

Will definitely inform through email again if I find any more.

Bug in Fxwallet (or not maybe a logically explanation for it) but my fxwallet keeps showing APY at 27,17% for the last 2,3,4 months, and none of the validators has this APY.

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Hi @zaccheah @DavidK and the Team, I wanted to ask if the Xchange module devices have the same legal requirements?

Any clarification would be great, especially since it can specifically cater for a fully decentralized uses.

To clarify further, what if an individual only wanted to use the Xchange module and not the former centralized XPOS module?

Expanding further, what if El Salvador allowed it for example…


I’ve returned back to the UK from holiday.

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I think the “Estimated Daily Rewards” indicator has a problem because my Estimated Daily Rewards are much lower than what it says.

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Can the countdown return to the forum when the’re is a new ama or any other sort of meeting?
It helps for those who don’t know when a meeting is going to take place.
I thought today it would have started at 4o clock my time, but it seems it started at 3 for me. So I was too late… just caught the last 5 min :frowning:


The 27.17% comes from an inactive validator (Wolfpack).
Inactive ones shouldn’t count in apy display i guess

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