Function X Community Wanted list

As time passes I saw many things come up that the community would like to see, Below I write down the key item list as far as I can remember in a central place.
let me know what other frequent wants are out there.

  • Fx listing on more exchanges (favorites are Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitvavo, Huobi)
  • Fx core coins listing on exchanges
  • The team taking some adspace
  • Updating the Whitepaper to the current status and plans
  • Fx core Stable coin
  • On and Off-ramp from and to the Fx core (no eth)

Note on the listings, we are aware the team can’t say anything if an exchange wants to be the first to announce, though we hope it is possible to make a vague statement that an unnamed exchange is close to listing fx.

The team is doing great and we look forward to stage 2 and 3 launching.


I know this is the fx forum. But this also applies for pundix!

  • more exchanges
  • adspace

Please add an FxCore DEX and liquidity pool…

I am assuming this comes with stage 3, so that would be covered already

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direct to fx core on ramp please… right now onramp is only erc20

fx core listings on exchanges… i want erc20 out of my life… forever, or at least until eth 2.0 is up and working


been added :+1:

Advertisements are very much needed. Getting listed on big exchanges are also an Advertisement or free marketing

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