Function X Explorer sample mock-ups

Any variables (names, numbers) are just for the look & feel purposes.

404 error sample webpage

Block details sample webpage

Landing sample webpage

Token balance sample webpage

Transaction details sample webpage

transaction history sample webpage

Another transaction details sample webpage

Validator sample webpage


I just love it!
Great work!

Looks great!

Looks sleek😎. Pleasing design with clear data presentation.

I was wondering about a few things:
Are there plans for a dark theme like the forum?
Will it be possible to change ui scale for larger font sizes?

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Good points to consider.

I hope there will be a dark-themed layout just like the article posted back in 2019! That darkness combined with a little diagonal marking, it really makes it looks luxurious like a branded company. All these small details actually make the company look more EXPENSIVE in that sense.

Also, will we be able to see how much tokens we are holding on the blockchain itself?

From what i read in the 2019 article, we can see our holdings and how much of our holdings is actually delegated/staked apart from our holdings. This will be extremely helpful to help us see how much we have and what percentage of it is actually being delegated/staked.

I hope it will be the same for this new website.