Function X Facebook Ad Campaign at Low Cost

Using FunctionX official facebook page, advertisement campaign can be done at very low cost targeting Africa. I did an ad for my Facebook page. I did one ad campaign targeting Africa. It cost me only 10$ to get 700 page likes. It is also possible to do Facebook post boosting, where posts are promoted for more link clicks.
Since we are launching mainnet a low budget advertisement campaign can be run for FunctionX. What do you think? Does FunctionX has a marketing team?
May be I can give some guidance on Facebook ads if FunctionX doesn’t have marketing team as of now. @eduardstal @zaccheah


It must be said that for example ant-chain was a main sponsor of the European soccer cup, and now we are also seeing other chains pop up in all kinds of publicity (like the trailblazers example) other that that I see many coins come by on ads on coingecko/reddit/facebook/google in general.

I understand the low marketing plan from a startup position, but I also would like to see some plan to garner publicity for fx. its great to see that the xpos is finding good publicity opportunities with the international adoption initiative, but fx seems to fully rely on having the community shill however the community can only do so much.

I am not sure what kind of campaign would work and on what platform, but hope to see something in the future.


This is a great idea.

I was also considering self funding a few showcase spots on some of the less memey crypto news YouTube channels.

One that sticks out especially is The Defiant.

They make fantastic defi videos and when our dex + yield farming functions are online it would be a great way to get more awareness.

I would like to see a function x team member approach supporting ideas like this with company funds, but as it stands now I am not willing to wait on the team to begin advertising. If the community must drive this then so be it. I have significant enough holdings to expense a advertising spot like this that will I would benefit from.

Would anyone else be interested in pooling funds to get broader attention?


Yes. From function x community only around 10 people posts on social media.

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A strong promotion campaign would bring more users and value to the blockchain. I think with $10K the team/project can go a very long way.

But this has been pushed by the community for awhile now… so i’m personally just waiting to see what FX/PX team will do…


What about coinbureau YouTube channel. Will it cost much. Or should target some small channels?
Many people in Africa has adopted crypto and running ads in Africa is cheap, like Facebook ads.

We could get a list of viable youtubers to try and reach out to.

I do not want to really get involved in the mega 600k + youtube channel nerds. That will happen on its own if we take a top 50 position.

Our goal should be to get the ones with less saturation who really care about projects in on the game.

Some 10k guys will be ok. I have only Facebook ads experience.

Should we crowdfund some fund. I don’t have much to chip in, but I can try.

If we work out a plan for marketing costs; We can crowd fund from there; If its helps my investment which it will then I can contribute also


I also with crowdfunding

Hey Bro, wanted to say a big thank you, from the communities for your generous support to El Salvador XPOS.

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Does anyone have contacts at Coin Telegraph??

Its nothing. Any help to improve our ecosystem. Am always ready to join forces to bring improvement and success too Pundix as a company…

I believe so much in this project, the team and the community at large.

We won’t let the likes of people that did not do due diligence research to distract us from building the best as we can…

I know of a traditional pos company here in Nigeria, that earn $4m of revenue per day, its doesn’t really come easy, am sure we will surely surpass that some days…

I picture Pundix above them, why? Thats because they operate in Nigeria and make such revenue.
We as Pundix supply the world… there’s so much different. They are traditional pos system, and we are the new reign and upgraded version of payment technology systems.


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Please see your inbox when you get the time, thanks.

I really hope major marketing start to come into play after main net launch. Because like it or not, a great company can also be undiscovered if no advertisements is done.

You can call it hype, vibe or anything but adoption takes place only when there is hype followed by recognition and branding.

You can have all the good features but if nobody knows, it will get nowhere.

Shitcoin like doge, shib and many others are constantly being posted on CryptoMoonShots reddit. We should start doing also.

Don’t see it as hype / pump-and-dump. The main idea is to push awareness. We don’t even have any awareness atm.

Marketing things that shitcoin devs do that have lots of success & brand/name exposure.

  • Youtube Influencer Marketing
  • Tik Tok Influencer Marketing
  • Twitter Influencer ShoutOuts / Marketing
  • Facebook Ads / Facebook Groups - typing Pundi X or Function X in Crypto Groups so people constantly see the same name and be curious - Googles algorithm picks up on searches etc
  • CryptoMoonShots Reddits / other Reddit - Post a summary of what FX can do
  • Do paid ads on websites like Etherscan, CoinMarketCap, BSCscan, Poocoin (BSC) and others
  • CEX listing

These are a few that most shitcoin devs do that actually have an impact.

The main idea is to PUSH AWARENESS - get the name out there, make people see it, make people type it. Not looking for a pump and dump but name exposure.


Very agree with this. It would help both projects a lot in the more shorter but especially long term.

For the community to spread positive vibes, helping ppl with questions and confronting fud.

Edit: I don’t think CryptoMoonShot Reddit is good to post there. Most stuff posted there are for pump and dump purpose or scamprojects. Would rather choose for r/CryptoCurrency. Much more members to reach and if someone post there and Pundians upvote it much, it will be seen by a lot of ppl. Made a post 40 days ago there and got like 70 upvotes with help of fellow Pundians and new ppl seen the post. Imagine if we have a new post there and a lot of Pundians upvote it. The possibilities are big.

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Give us a little time. Hopefully, we can develop a way to fund this kind of marketing effort through the Ecosystem Genesis Fund. Working on a couple of Hash Outs exploring this.


Thanks for the update. Glad to see there is interest in exploring this type of thing.

I think the community is absolutely for using genesis funds for goodwill marketing. We would also be enthusiastic about using tge funds to support a market maker to better disperse the tokens so that things are more decentralized.