Function X (L)earn - the f(x) college

Function X (L)earn - the f(x) college.

Every x period there will be short learning video about blockchain in general or Function X in particular.
After the video there will be a questionair.
If answering all questions correct, you will earn an x amount of $PR tokens.

You have to start at lesson (video) one.
Only when you have all the answers correct, you can proceed to the next lesson (video)

The successive lessons will be of a slightly higher level of difficulty each time.

Probably you recognize a bit of Coinbase earn in this suggestion…:slightly_smiling_face:

The difference (and challenge) with function x (L)earn is that it should be really educational (and fun).
Another difference is that you always will earn $PR tokens.
So a stimulation to proceed your lessons and build up rewards (student grants).

And after you have completed x number of lessons, you move on to the next level.
At each level you will get a certificate to.
From beginner to expert.

This is just an idea. I have no developer or designer skills. maybe there is someone who wants to take up this idea and develop it further and submit it as an EGF proposal?

“Always pass on what you have learned.” — Yoda


@zaccheah Oh ya, talking about guide videos.

Can you guys try doing short animation educational videos?

Example: What is a blockchain? What is Bitcoin? What is cross-chain? What are the different networks, ERC20, BEP20 and more?

I believe quite a few top exchanges / youtubers / coins do this type of educational videos and it actually teaches audience what crypto / blockchain is all about but it is also part of a good marketing plan.

And also it makes the company look good in a good way, like they actually know what they are doing.

This will also in turn help to promote PUNDIX and FX in a new light.

Binance Academy and many others.

What is a blockchain?
What is Bitcoin?
etc etc

Can name it PUNDIX Academy or Function X Academy.

  • Teaches new investors what crypto is all about
  • Help to promote the company in a new light, like a different perspective
  • Attract newer investors who are new to crypto and may actually even get them into PUNDIX / FX

Why educational videos? Because there has been a HUGE SPIKE in statistics that show people are actually searching on google, youtube and many other sites on how to learn more about cryptocurrency and what is a blockchain.

If we can attract and teach newer audience who in turn will take notice of PUNDIX and FX, i believe it is a win-win situation for everyone.


I believe this is also Double important if FX wants to be a DEX of true renown.

There is a lot of effort being put into creation of the Dex and synthetic asset market on FX but so far the required educational front is lacking.

I do see the wikipedia effort with the FX DM proposal being successful in the long term but the seed base tutorial efforts should and can be used as marketing ammo for the current community.

This has a strong net positive effect in both bringing in new users as well as reinforcing or educating current people as well.

I would propose that the EGF funds be used to employ a professional video maker to do a series of content sweeps for the project.

  • Creation of a sweeping Function X Foundation tutorial videos with a nice voiceover, possibly in several different languages for all of the core features of the FX Wallet and the blockchain itself. These should be highly transmissible on Youtube so that the Admins can easily point to a tutorial video when a user comes into telegram with repeat questions.

  • Creation of a sweeping “About Pundi Labs” series that has a refreshed interview and get to know the team sequence that highlights on the history of the project, key team member backgrounds, and the current important events happening. This video series can also be used as a “State of the Ecosystem” Vlog that would replace or coincide the quarterly project update and AMA live streams.

  • Creation of multiple physical site visit and demonstration videos hosted by key team members, especially at the new PundiX stores in Turkey. Regular “Product showcase” videos like this are absolute FUD BUSTERS. How many times do you see on twitter " Show me a working XPOS"

  • Followup of the El Salvador Donation (if this is still a thing) showing the shops who have been selected all working and using the ecosystem. This can be in line with the original buying coffee video with Zac from years ago.

  • Creation of a project vlog in line with how Charles from ADA does his community updates. What this would require is someone from the team to have a professional streaming setup and to dedicate an hour every other week just talking about crypto and the state of the industry. This can be as simple as just a “fireside chat with Zac” as a format of ExposĂ© - Perhaps the show could be called xposĂ©?

These are just a few of the Goodwill Marketing Efforts that the team can employ. The goal is not for the team to be the ONLY voice supporting FX & Pundi Labs. In fact it is the exact opposite. This medium of presentation is how we as the supporters can transmit the wonderful aspects of the project to others especially when we are much smaller voices ourselves without the corporate platform the team has.


Absolutely agree w yours!

Questions like: What is a DEX? What is the difference between a CEX and a DEX? More educational videos like these.

It is straight forward for people who are in crypto for long but like i said, some people just buy without knowing what is what.

I believe a series of educational videos by the CORE TEAM is a heavy plus point.

Videos can also include, interviews with each team member. What is a cold wallet. Basically anything.

And yes, do short vlogs like Charles from ADA, Justin from TRON and many others.

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I like this idea for learning lessons.
It makes it more personal and one gets to know the teacher (team members) better.

Also like the name Acadamy better then college.
F(x) Acadamy has a nice professional tone in it.

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I like a lot the idea❤️

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This is sort of the idea i had with making the What is videos for my channel proposal.

lots of great ideas; sorry but don’t agree on paying people to learn it will only be rorted.

Most these sorts of things will be jobs of the community you’ll find the teams hands would be pretty full just keeping up with the network; there is so much for them to implement; many idea’s are wonderful as a decentrlised community I hope their are those prepared to take on such tasks,

@Jan maybe someone could create the Academy using EGF funds with a big FX prize for the first that can complete the Course with the highest grade after 1 or 2 years

Both can coexcist i guess.

I think a YouTube channel is perfect for indepht video about different subject.

The F(x) (L)earn is more intended for short, let’s say, 1 minute, lessons, followed by a couple of questions after wich answered correctly, give you some $PR rewards.
Simular to Coinbase earn.

That was my thougt indeed.
Doesn’t have to initiated by team itself per se.
Truly hope some developer picks it uo, team or external doesn’t matter.
A fx price when “graduated” is a perfect idea.

Oh, and i don’t see it as “being paid”.
I see it more like getting a reward for following lessons.
Mho, a great use case for $PR token and a good propagation of one of the spearheads of the way fxcore has been rolled out so far. (the learning way)

Last but not least i think it is also a good way for new community member binding.
Just like the daily sign in was.
It may sound cuddly, but i think it makes users come back and stick around.
Take a challenge, learn something and getting rewarded…Who doesn’t want that…:slightly_smiling_face:

only problem is it was rorted by people with many accounts just for that purpose; that’s why the daily sign in was ended, daily sign in was for dust and all it created was 100x more scammers rorting it, if it’s a simple task with a reward it will be abused, but as long as it was self funded and not from the project that’s fine with me

Look at Terra marketing and their short videos on explaining everything from What is Bitcoin to more complex stuff like What is a smart contract.

I mean they post almost weekly videos and their marketing is so good. You guys do know that when information comes from the core team / devs, it is more like a reassurance for the investors.

Almost every coin in the top 50 do these type of videos, especially taking advantage of Youtube’s popularity and algorithm.

Its like a domino effect.

When smart investors / smart youtubers want to do in-depth reviews of a certain coin, they will first take information from the official source and not any random guy talking about it.

A legitimate source of information has to come from the team itself, not community because of creditability issues.

Pundi X Academy / Function X Academy would be a great name.

Look at Binance, posting multiple times a day. Of course, they have the budget but some are just normal vlogs from the team that require no money.


anyone using the EGF is acting as part of the team and their work should have the face of being from a team source in my view, you can’t expect the team to produce everything for a decentralised eco system that’s the reason for the EGF to start with

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There has to be something called momentum driver.

Pretty sure there are a lot of users who have already commented about this.

Like the team can also make use of the EGF to start the momentum going and us community members will have something that we can learn and take after or make use of it to inspire us to make a different version.

It is like a launchpad, the team jump first and everyone else follow after. I mean, you can just search on other topics and people are mentioning the same issue.

Nothing beats a legitimate source of info.

And do not forget that PUNDIX and Function X always preach about teaching the audiences. So short educational videos by them is a big plus point. I mean just learn from Terra.


Yes true.
Maybe can be solved by some kind of registration form.
So you have to apply to be a member of the Acadamy.
And maybe even pay small amount of fx/pundi/pr or whatever. Sort of school fees.

@SCENE i understand your points and i agree.
But the idea of fx learn is more meant for the long term, as a fun “learning dapp”
In my opinion has a different goal then the markering ideas you propose, wich is more in the line of the proposal from @Richyshadowlux, the YouTube channel.

I think we need both :slightly_smiling_face:


me and mycroft the inoffcial true FX crypto dog would love to do that. :smiley:
i actually want to build a crypto and trading academy with short max 5 min videos.

i could rearrange my ideas to make it FX / Pundix and market overview exclusive without shilling too much of any other coin… surely eth and ada / btc or other coins needs to be used sometimes to compare and get people into the right thoughts…

i could teach a lot from tech and ideas behind pundix and fx… technical and chart analysis over what is blockchain tech… btc halving / stock to flow… blockchain news… impact on society… comparison to other markets etc.
i have 5 years of experience in teaching investment broker trainees and am a full registered and licensed investment and insurance broker for quiet some years now…

i would love to take that proposal to create that content if you are fine with it…


I knew it…way to go Patrick :muscle::muscle:

You dont even know how much it makes me happy to read your reply.

I say go…a big YES from me.


thanks bro… i try to get a proposal calculated and officially out next week… my puppy requires a heavy load of attention right now :smiley:

right now i can just calculate for the creation of the content. to develop a learning dapp as maybe chain on fx core i need a developer or time to learn the how to :smiley:
we might do it incremental… first create the content (maybe on youtube as easiest way) and after fx multi chain creation are launched we can create a dapp and move the content away from YT to the dapp…
Thats how i could start like next 2 months or so…

Sounds perfect.
No rush.
One thing at the time :slightly_smiling_face:

ok… @Richyshadowlux we should combine our thoughts and strengths as soon as we could launch… maybe you have good ideas for me and otherway round…

i try to get into it next week… right now is crypto puppy time :smiley:


Medium hash outs are very educational and i liked to read them. There should be an fx academy link in main page next to home, community, explorer and faq link and all the hash outs nicely lined in there. I think that would be a good way to start collecting educational stuff in one place and of course add it in the f(x)wallet. IMHO

But yes! I like the original idea.