Function X live stream schedule

Hello Team.

In the last live stream recap it was discussed that a fx focused live stream would be forthcoming to dive into specifically fx.

Is there an update on when this is planned to be scheduled?

It has now been a over a very successful month of mainnet delegation and many of the community are geared up to prepare for what is next.

Has much progress been made on pundix chain and the dex?

We would all greatly appreciate some official communications on the project and projected timelines so we can go spread the good news and embrace the decentralized marketing concept, especially as crypto has begun a new phase of bullishness.



This I assume is the live event that has been planned!

Great to finally get a date.


We even have a countdown clock here on the forum to help everyone be there on time!

p.s. If you can’t see it, CTRL + F5 :smile:


Very nice.

Can’t wait!