Function X Reddit marketing

Is there anyone here with at least 500 comment karma on reddit? Let me know. This is to post on r/cryptocurrency subreddit about function x.
Update : People with r/cryptocurrency special membership can also post.

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I only got 179, but a quick look over my latest posts/comments and it’s obvious I work for Function X. Anyone else?


@papilloncrypto I could post in there for you but would not like it to be removed again due to manipulation as i said before.

Don’t get me wrong, it was very nice to see the community showing united strength and helpful to ppl that are interested in the project but yeah, could be seen as manipulation and the r/CryptoCurrency mods doesn’t like that for good reason. That’s why if a post done in there then not announce a time/day of posting in my opinion. When it post, then spread over social media.

Was my own fault to rally the community to flow all energy into 1 post at a fixed time.

I wonder if it’s different if it’s a promoted post

@This_Dutch_guy Can we try r/satoshistreetbets then. Your warning is for r/cryptocurrency. Only sharing on reddit will be seen as manipulation. We will just share it on fx telegram and fx forum. Reddit bots will not be able to detect outside reddit.
r/satoshistreetbets has 500k members and needs 500 comment karma which you have.

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Sure, i’m up for it. Also not forget to spread on Twitter. What should i post and when?

Btw i have some plan for r/CryptoCurrency but not using the same tactic again😅

@This_Dutch_guy Use similar post you used in r/cryptocurrency last time. Also add below links for old white paper and fx explorer.
• White paper: Function X FX whitepapers -
• Explorer:
• Staking apy 53% as of now.

Also instead of sharing link of reddit post we can just tell the function x community to check the reddit post about function x on r/cryptocurrency or r/satoshistreetbets as a precaution of not getting the post removed.

Timing: you can post on Saturday as most people will not be working.


Let’s do it! It be posted at Saturday and will announce the time at friday (probably same time again 4pm). Will also add the links in, edit APY and coin info on the day of posting.


Thanks for your dedication to the cause my man!

Upon request, another organized Reddit push will be performed but this time in a different sub with 480k members spreading awareness there about the FX ecosystem.

Reddit had a bug that nobody could post but now is possible again. It be posted tomorrow at CET 16:00 at r/satoshistreetbets with the same article used previous time but now added another section with a nice team picture and some links. With the article i currently have is tested and posted succesfully so there should be no surprises this time.

CET time (Central Europe) 16:00

UTC+3 time (Turkey) 17:00

CT time (Central North America) 09:00

UTC-4 time (Central South America) 10:00

UTC+8 time (Singapore) 22:00

Spread the word over social media except in the Reddit groups due to automods checking our profiles.

Edit: this could still be seen as manipulation in the sub but we will see.


It’s live!


No sudden upvotes as last time. Let’s see.

Doesn’t matter, this sub is far smaller and not much active posting in it.

As long as new ppl see it is already a win. Currently 3rd place in the hot section.

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@This_Dutch_guy Any plans on r/cryptocurrency posting later? Tomorrow or next week if we get pumped again.

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~~ IMPORTANT !! ~~

Make sure to thumbs up each other’s comment, it makes it look more reliable and not like bots!

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We did our best in r/satoshistreetbets but it looks like the members are not very interested in our post. Members in r/CryptoCurrency were much more interested but atleast we tried in a different sub. This same post i will post in r/FunctionX for those who are interested to read it and will be the last time i used it.

I want to thank everyone for upvoting, supporting the post and giving awards to each other was nice and fun to see (thank you for the awards i received❤️). I spent my last Reddit coins awarding back.

In the upcoming weeks i will write smaller articles about Pundi X/FX subjects and will post that in r/CryptoCurrency to spread awareness. Will make no announcements of time/day of posting but instead i will spread the link around when it’s posted. Did this in past and seemed to work just as effective and didn’t get removed.

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@This_Dutch_guy Post the links in this thread also.

Thank you a lot for trying :slight_smile: