Function X (technical analysis)

Hi FXers!

I’ve been sharing my TA’s for awhile now in the FX market group on telegram, and also on twitter.
Today i’ve started with my first publishing on tradingview.

I hope to attract more investors which will rely more on the technical analysis part of price action of FX, instead of moonboy talk.

I hope more traders with experience will do the same and share their views on the FX market!

if you click the link you can see what I’ve shared on Tradingview

any feedback is more than welcome!

And if you feel like donating, feel free to send it to my FXcore adress at:


Much love <3


Good idea! I am a big advocate for TA. The challenge with FX has been liquidity, which is a must for traders. With coinbase listing, there seems to be an improvement.

If things stay like this, and once the coinbase charts start populating 200 MA on daily charts, we sure will grab attention of day traders and improve liquidity even further.

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Yes. Coinbase has most volume now