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I’ll be there, from Mexico!


Hear you there! :saluting_face:


I wil be there from indonesia


As a representative of one of the public validators, I am interested in the following question.
Is there any plan to increase active validators?
Or redistribution of delegated tokens to public validators?
Because now there are circumstances that it is impossible for a public validator to get into the top 50.

If I am not wrong, since we are using Tendermint, if we increase the validators’ numbers, it will take a longer time to reach consensus and will result in a decrease in the transaction rate and performance. It’s a common issue in the Cosmos space.

But this may change in the future as cutting-edge technology improves and the computational capacity of the validators increases.

The current limit for Tendermint is a sweet balance between the number of validators and the transaction rate. But the balance will tilt toward the number of validators as computational technology improves every year.

Too many validators = longer consensus, limited routers and computational power = reduced transaction rate and performance

Unlimited validators = shorter consensus due to better computational power = optimal transaction rate

The devs can feel free to correct me if I am wrong. :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for the answer! interesting!) It turns out. so this option is not relevant now) For new public validators, the redistribution option remains.

as a public validator in a decentralised system it’s really up to your self to promote your validator & make it known, a lot of validators don’t bother to make much noise, early validators are reasonably safe as their delegation numbers got a head start on new ones today, the Team could say they are winding down some team nodes but that’s not going to guarantee people on team nodes are going to notice & change validators eg Singapore node at 10% commission but is still a top rank, best approach is set a very low commission & advertise in all the projects socials for long enough the get more interest more then other validators, smart play would be incorporate media that promotes your Validator & FunctionX then add it in for the DM competitions and maybe win some funds while your at it

Agree with Bob.

To add on to that, I cannot stress enough that track record is one of the most important metrics for validators, apart from having the basic software requirements for running and maintaining their node.

Validators will have to earn the trust of delegators before asking for delegation.

  • Nobody wants to get their funds slashed
  • We have seen multiple validators get slashed over the past few months
  • Once you have a good track record, delegators will naturally flow towards your validator

A validator’s reliability correlates with their level of self-bonded ratio. A reliable validator with a high ratio shows how much they stand to lose. Provide frequent updates like @FrenchXCore to ensure and assure your delegators that you are always updated on the latest measures.

A validator has a huge amount of responsibility because they are in charge of ensuring that the delegator’s stake is not slashed.


to add on that again, Validators have just as big a responsibility to promote the Network & the utility’s of the project as the team do, your essentially invested into your own business model when you become a Validator & being a DeFi network project your a stand alone business model with partners, your focus on media exposure should be more driven then the teams, A seesaw dose not work without someone on the other side contributing equally.

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It’s clear. We are all in the same boat. And everyone should participate. Contribute as much as possible. But speaking of validators. Opportunities public validators are small. Because the community is small. And getting into the top 50 is now impossible. Validators from 49th place are separated by 1.5 million delegated tokens. Growing organically under these circumstances is very difficult. Without the participation of the team.

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