Function X Web Wallet

Is there a web version of Function X wallet? If not will there be one?


Adding to this.

I would like to see what steps could be taken to have a hardware wallet for storage of private keys.

I am somewhat uncomfortable leaving my private keys held on my smart phone at the moment. I would prefer to have things locked up in a more secure way with a Ledger or otherwise long term.

You can save your private keys to your PC also.

You can add this 24 word Phase phrase to a new Ledger Trezor and and

That would totally defeat the purpose of security. Any PC, regardless of the OS it’s running can be infected by various scripts/viruses that can identify a private key and compromise the wallet.

Will this work with FX core tokens and staking interface?

not at the moment i hope we get this function in the future. but now you can see the FX and PUNDIX and all other Token from FXWALLET what you have inside.

That should be a top goal for account security reasons. Having your physical keys on a mobile device is also terrible.

I would like to not walk around with the “keys” to my bag in my pocket. I always think in worse case scenarios and if I was lets say mugged, and someone forced me to use my fingerprint on the app. they could steal my funds.

Obviously the workaround is to keep a phone with the private key locked up and not in your pocket with you, but that is not ideal.

I would like to be able to use a hardware wallet to auth a transaction on the FX blockchain eventually.

Also, to answer this thread initial’s post, there isn’t currently a web version of the Function X Wallet and I think that for security reasons there isn’t going to be one. Adding a web wallet would just increase the number of attacks that can be performed to compromise user’s wallets.

@Telchar When it comes to hardware wallets, I believe that big players in the hardware wallet industry will respond to the demands coming from their user base to support the function x blockchain. We are interested to work with them!


You can add 2FA on web wallet. Also web wallet is required for further growth of function x. While trading in exchanges using PC and to move funds between wallet and exchanges web wallet is very helpful.
Also will you allow development of 3rd party function x web wallets like myetherwallet or metamask like it is for Ethereum.

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2FA(Google auth / SMS auth) would mean having a centralized wallet, which F(X) Wallet is not.

One of the ways to implement a web wallet would be to scan a QR code (Similar to myEtherWallet connect function), but again this could have some security issues as mentioned above.

never even type your seed on your computer if connected to the internet, fastest way to get your wallet hacked if a hacker gets a key stroke Trojan onto your computer your funds will be gone, if you ever copy paste private data you should also learn to clear the clip board, you should also use a browser like Brave that dose not gather your private data

With only phone wallet most people will store their keys in phone in a file.
If phone gets stolen and key is only on phone there is no way to get control of funds from a computer in the absence of a web wallet.
For eg if a person has Metamask wallet app on phone and he loses the phone or get robbed, he can log on to metamask web wallet and secure his funds.
Also malware apps in phone can read those keys saved in phone regarding security issue you mentioned for PC.

Hello - Yes, this is something I also have (for while) with the Xwallet, why not a web version. I think this could be a supplement for HODLERS who only take action occasionally (Buy/Hold), but so also can enjoy the benefits, rewards (if they wish of course) - like now → staking, etc.
It goes without saying that safety must be a top priority. I am not technically skilled to make a proper statement about this. But I do understand that security can be a factor to be very careful, but just as much as a PC, Mac, a Smartphone can be hacked too !
One could possibly still connect the wallet (web version) to a hardware device such as “The Ledger Nano X or S”, “Trezor”, etc. to optimize security, or am I wrong ? - Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:


i am still a big fan of an opera Browser integration after Mainnet starts :smiley:

*edit: or even better a full blockchain mode for Opera Browser :smiley: