FunctionX auto-compound / auto-restaking

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Seems like it’s at least possible to withdraw and redelegate in a single transaction : here
Just checked and validated it on testnet :

  1. I emptied my FX testnet account (just leaving enough for a transaction)
  2. since there was ~8 FX available for rewards, I withdrew all rewards and asked to redelegate 8 FX at once.
  3. it worked just fine.

Just to confirm, u did it via CLI command right?

No, via programming in Java…

Maybe once EVM is up, in the future, some community devs will make an auto-compounding protocol for FX Network :kissing_closed_eyes:

I see someone in the EVMOS and Cosmos building the first yield optimizer.

since fx is also using cosmos

Hi guys !

You wanted it, we did it !

:fire: FunctionX AutoCompounder! :fire:
The $FX team is not alone to improve the ecosystem.
FXCore is only 1-year old…
:arrow_right: and you already have an AutoCompounder at reach of your hands !!! :arrow_left:
Watch out here : FrenchXCore FX AutoCompounder

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Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share any issue or require help as needed…

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How do we redelegate did they forget to add it on the new wallet …thanks Scene

Hi JaydeeBitcoin,

  1. ‘Delegate’ is to stake FX lying in your wallet.

  2. ‘Undelegate’ is to unbond your tokens from a validator - which will be in limbo for 21 days.

  3. ‘Rewards’ is for withdrawing your earned rewards.

  4. ‘Redelegate’ is to change your current validator to another validator.


  • You can withdraw your rewards under ‘Rewards’, then delegate again through ‘Delegate’.
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Got it delegate a undelegate are now on the same page.I had mine with The nexus delegator, he changed from a zero commission to 4.25. . It was costing me 8 fx per day …

Well, don’t forget that a validator needs cash and time to run and maintain correctly their nodes.
If jailed, it might cost you much more than 8 FX per day (0.1% of your staked tokens and no more rewards) : look at DutchBlue and Paper validators right now.

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