FunctionX Blockchain OS

I had a question for the team that I’m sure a lot of people are interested in; with all you guys have going on right now, getting ready for stage 2 and 3 of mainnet, are you guys actively pursuing a partnership with an established android phone maker or has that been put on the backburner to focus on the items on your checklist. We haven’t heard much about it recently and I honestly feel that this is what could differentiate us from other blockchains as very few blockchains have their own OS. If you guys are actively pursuing a partnership, obviously you can’t name names, has any company expressed genuine interest in adopting the software? Thanks for your time. @zaccheah @DavidK


i would love to see oneplus as partner :smiley:

if i could choose it would be them

I wouldn’t mind that but it should be Xiaomi. They have overtaken Samsung as the number 1 phone maker in the world by volume.


It can be little company like oppo

Honestly, I’ll take any of those companies because I feel like we’re losing or lost the momentum gained when we were mentioned as a CES award honoree for the BOB phone ans FunctionX OS

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