FunctionX community growth

We’d love to see if @TVT_Innovation (Toulon, FRANCE) is willing to organize a hackathon relying on this project.
Would @FUNCTIONX_IO be willing to sponsor it and reward authors and incentivize the organization ?

#EVM implementation now offers a great opportunity for coders.
Recent conference and announcements regarding the Web3 summit #UnBlock show a growing interest from our economical agency representatives.


Hi @FrenchXCore,

It sounds great. Can you share more details regarding to the Hackathon idea?

Maybe some reference to previous Hackathon from the organizer so we can have the rough budget in mind?


Hi @indra ,

TVT Innovation is the economical development agency of the metropolis of Toulon-Provence-Méditerranée (French Riviera). They are composed of around 30 personnels dedicated to the animation of civilian and defense industry around Toulon (the largest military dock in Europe).
Especially, their members, small to big businesses, are working hard on innovating for both the civilian (especially oceans and mediterranean sea preservation) and military industries.

As for previous hackathon experience, they were regularly involved in the worldwide Ocean Hackathon event (2021 and before), and they are currently focused on organizing the next Ocean Hackathon 2022.

TVT Innovation is working with the Région SUD (the whole French riviera) and many universities, and wants to involve itself within the blockchain/DAO industry as their president announced in june he wanted TVT Innovation to be the Silicon Valley of blockchain in Europe.

As an extra, they also inaugurated the first metropolitan-managed datacenter in Toulon a few weeks back, and they can provide hardware and software architectures as necessary.

I can put you in cc (by DM) with their director if you wish - or you can contact him thru LinkedIn (Mr. Didier GOGUENHEIM). There might be a need to confirm if they’re interested by such an opportunity.