FunctionX Liquidity on PancakeSwap

Hi @zaccheah and @DavidK,

I was very happy to hear, in the all-hands meeting earlier, that one of things you wanted to improve on was transparency.

As a community, good or bad, we like to be informed on progress so we know what’s coming up and/or what the difficulties are and if its’ communicated to us, I think, as a whole, we’d be understanding as it’s complex work building a blockchain.

I know this topic has been beat to death but it’s been 2 months since that BSC bridge was activated and we still don’t have FX liquidity on PancakeSwap. In the spirit of this new found transparency, we would just like to know if there any issues preventing us from getting liquidity on PancakeSwap as this is really important to us to get away from ETH fees.

Thanks for your time.


It would be very good to get a update on this so we can stop speculating about the facts. At this point some clarity would be appreciated


No disrespect to the the team but to activate the BSC bridge and have only PURSE on it, reeks of activating it to check off a box on a to-do-list. PURSE has no value especially when your ecosystem to spend PURSE has not been built; FXcore or at least Pundix, the token we invested in and put our hard earned money in, should have been first. I’m just saying, you spent the time to make PURSE compatible when it could have been spent on FX.