Functionx sent to functionx smart it possible to get it back?

Hello, I sent my fx coin from Fx wallet to coinbase account couple of weeks before but because of bug in the coinbase barcode scanner while depositing fx coin to coinbase account, it gave me wrong address (i.e. smart contract address of functionx 0x8c15ef5b4b21951d50e53e4fbda8298ffad25057) while scanning the barcode instead of giving me the withdrawal address of Fx and my fx coin went to smart contract address of Fx. Is it possible to recover the coin from the smart contract by the team member and send it back to me if possible. Thank you.

Beware : it’s been 2 weeks and coinbase has not fix this barcode scanner issue. I have sent so many emails to them but no response. it gives the wrong address (Gives this address 0x8c15ef5b4b21951d50e53e4fbda8298ffad25057 which is the smart contract address of Functionx) when you scan the barcode in depositing Fx coin

My transaction hash is 0xd8e7820e47068478fae0d3a9cb708da5ed71e962facbed2d91953394dd662f6a

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hello, thank you for reporting this incident. Our tech team is looking into it.

Meanwhile, we would like to let you know that we are returning back the FX tokens to the address they were sent from.

Please do not scan Coinbase QR code to deposit until further update.

Thank you.


It would be great help if you could return it to my address. Much appreciate it. Thank you so much.


Can you please tell me when can i expect to have my Fx coin returned in my address? Thank you.