Future FunctionX mainnet birthday

Hi !

Time’s passing very fast, and 3 months from now, the $FX mainnet will be 1 year old.
FrenchXCore would like to organize an $FX giveaway which will start with our “grand prize” (link). But we will have plenty of nice things to announce as well…

I think the effect would be even greater if we were synchronizing with the team and other validators : the longer it lasts the better it would be for the $FX project.

I have questions though : do we have any idea of the period when we’ll setup EVM on mainnet ?
@Fox_Coin : do you know when you intend to start your NFT project after EVM ?
What we need is really to make sure nothing stops the hype and the main media used would be Twitter.

I would be very appreciative of any ideas/efforts the community (and the team) would have in this area.

Thanks for your attention !