FX beta wallet does not show BSC assets. Hence, I can't participate in mission WAGMI

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FX beta wallet does not show my BSC assets. But the actual address contains BSC holdings. My address : 0x95b7e76d778A0F684768662D488D1670A6D547dA . Could you take a look, please? I want to use this BSC address to participate in Mission WAGMI. But I can’t since beta version (non-beta version shows!) does not show my BSC holdings. Adding screenshots from beta version and non-beta. Please, help.

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Beta version means it a test version; the developers are on it see other related post here

I understand that this is a test version. However, there’s no feature to participate in Mission WAGMI in non-beta (production) version. So, I think it’s fair to post this issue as I really want to have NFT’s and I can’t get them due to this. Is there any other topic that matches my description? Or a workaround to claim NFT’s?

yes Bother your in the right place, we know they know, plenty of people here with the same issues, I would connect you with the other info page but i’m not have savy
i’ll try this

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Phone OS (Android or iOS - Apple): Android
Phone language: RU
wallet tab
BSC network
after removing an address in the BSC network from the listing and returning it to the listing, the tokens on it cease to be displayed in CriptoBnk and they are also not available in the WAGMI Mission tab

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Fx Wallet (old)


Fx Wallet (Beta)

There is not BNB and NFT Collections in New Wallet (Beta).

The other tokens are appeared.

they are working on it

NFT mixed between own addresses

Guys, explain to me what is happening with NFT at my addresses, I collected three sets at three of my addresses and went through the registration procedure for these addresses, and yesterday and today I observe a scattering of NFTs within these addresses, number and content of these NFT.
Someone will say?