FX Community Proposal Guideline

Function X aims to reach and onboard more users into FX ecosystem through community engagement. In order to achieve this goal, we offer grants for community members who want to build communities within FX ecosystem. These grants are for those who are looking for funding to build their community such as funding for an offline event, social media marketing, etc. We provide grants that we believe will give the best return on FX ecosystem growth in the long term. To propose this grant you can follow the guideline below.

FX Community Proposal Guideline

  • Proposal Details: Quick summary of the proposal
  • Team: Who runs the event
  • Social Media: Mention your social media channel and several important metrics like members, followers, engagement, etc. Don’t forget to provide social media links.
  • Initiative summary:
  1. What problem is the proposal solving? (if applicable)
  2. How is the problem being solved? (if applicable)
  3. Expected impact and value for the Function X community
  4. Metrics/KPIs to track results
  5. Plan to achieve the metrics/KPIs
  • Funding details
  1. Total requested amount in USD
  2. Funding scheme: One-time/monthly/quarterly/etc.
  • Links to similar, previously funded events (if applicable)

Community Proposal Example

  • Proposal Details:
    We would be gathering efforts with the different guilds which will possibly kickstart from German and coordinate efforts with them in getting a strong Europe community and bringing education and projects into mainnet, together with people from FX our community will be called FX Europe, it will be a block that covers every country from Europe.

  • Team:
    For a quick recap, I am the founder and Lead of the FX German community. We created our community in January 2022 and focused our content on education and certifying people to be Analysts, Developers, and Professors. We specialize in creating communities that want to learn and even fully advocate their time in crypto and blockchain, especially in the FX ecosystem.

  • Social Media:
    To also give you a heads up on what we worked on at FX German I have some data summarizing our growth.

  1. Telegram
    Current Members: 1440

  1. Twitter
    Current Followers : 1398

  • Initiative Summary
  1. What problem is the proposal solving?
    There is a need for a developed community in Germany when it comes to FX. We aim to satisfy that need. There is yet still a lot of work to be done to even educate when it comes to blockchain, crypto, EVM, and scalability solutions. And we are here for that. We have experience in education and building community and we want to offer you the chance to organize and target the German audience and bring blockchain education and knowledge to them, and also create a strong community to show them what FX is about.

  2. How is the problem being solved?
    We will be coordinating efforts with different communities in Germany and Europe and helping them develop their community if needed. This is of course directly going to impact Germany in a big way since we have our region as a starting point but we plan to expand even further than that. We also have the experience to tackle a challenge such as this by having worked alongside other crypto communities and seeing how they were related to each other.

  3. Expected impact and value for the FX community
    We expect to create a strong, friendly, helpful, and educated community in FX and we hope to teach many in Europe along the way regarding blockchain and what can be done in the FX Ecosystem. We offer 100% of our time and dedication to it. We can get there, we have shown results and numbers. And if you trust us with this project we will certainly bring a strong community into FX.

  4. Metrics/KPIs to track results

  • Create the FX Europe Telegram Group and reach 200 active members in 3 months.
  • Create FX Europe Twitter and reach 250 followers in 3 months.
  • Create FX Europe Discord and reach 100 active members in 3 months.
  1. Plan to achieve the metrics/KPIs
  • Create articles and guides on Gitbook.

  • Doing AMAs on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

  • Get in contact with influencers in Europe.

  • Create workshops.

  • Participate in meetups.

  • Produce content about FX.

  • Write the latest news and updates about FX.

  • Funding details

  1. Total requested amount in USD: $500/month
  2. Funding scheme: Monthly
  3. Wallet address: fx1xyz
  • Links to similar, previously funded events: -

To close this post I would like to say thanks for the opportunity to create a community in FX, we are thrilled to already be here in crypto and blockchain and would love to work alongside this ecosystem. Thank you very much! Hope to have feedback from you soon!


I want build fx community crypto in indonesia


Hi !

We’re currently discussing with some friends who might be interested in animating the French community.

Coming back to you soon with a proposal !



great to hear that. looking forward to it!

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Hi Ivan,

Yes, it will be very exciting. Can you please share more details regarding your plan? :slight_smile:

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Dm me on my telegram @IvanFunctionX
My english is not very good so i want describe in indonesia

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Hi @IvanFunctionX!

For transparency’s sake, you will have to post on the forum.

You may start a separate thread in your native language. The benefit of this is that if there are any other Indonesians, they can join in on your thread.

After all, this is about targeting communities in a specific country / region to promote Function X.

I can’t explain it in english
My english speaking just limited only in daily speaking vocabulary

Yup, you can create a separate thread in the Indo language, not English.

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I want make community loyalist entusias
Shiba inu growing bigger because they have loyalist community
I want build that community in this bear market

I’ll give them 2 - 3 fx coin that will make them happy and be loyalist and that also make them using fxwallet

I need 200 - 300 fx for giveaway to my community i made


  • Proposal Details:
    community functionx indonesia

  • Team:
    me @IvanFunctionX, @Almercedricbut i will recruite other team
    i will recruite spammer team too, for viral trend on tiktok and twitter

  • Social Media: telegram Telegram: Contact @ivangroupid

  • Initiative summary:

  1. What problem is the proposal solving? (if applicable)
    i will create active member community 10k-30k online

  2. How is the problem being solved? (if applicable)
    i will door to door recruite member, talk to them, make friendship with them, encourage them(i can’t describe it in english well)

  3. Expected impact and value for the Function X community
    more active and lively community, more developer see opportunity in active community

  4. Metrics/KPIs to track results
    more active member in community

  5. Plan to achieve the metrics/KPIs
    i will door to door recruite member, and describe to them how good future fx ecosystem

  • Funding details
  1. Total requested amount in USD

i will hire, professional 3d creator for animated video(1000$)
paying viral trend youtuber to endorse my video about fx
spamming twitter, tiktok with functionx hastag
but i need in fx too to reward and gain loyalist member, their trush
2. Funding scheme: monthly


We have finished our proposal for the animation of a French-speaking FX community with @FrenchXCore. Do we give you the proposal here ?

Best regards,

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Hi @guigs, it would be better to create a separate post so that there wouldn’t be any confusion. The new post will act as your official proposal, and all related discussions will be held there.