FX Core - Path to launch & process for holders

Hello all!

I am wondering if there is any guidance available on what the process for holders will be once we migrate to FX core. I have never taken part in a mainnet launch before and want to be as prepared as I can for the coming requirements for holders to migrate onto the main blockchain. What happens to all of the ERC-20 tokens? Are they sent to a dead address as part of the conversion to eliminate them from the market?

I assume there will be a guidance hashout article coming soon, but until then any advice on what to expect from a token holder perspective to securely get onto the mainnet would be greatly appreciated!


Fx launch;

There are a few more Hashout articles that can be found on the website. Please have a read through them. Hope this helps

Thank you for these, however I was more curious about the Specifics of what the process for our tokens will be.

Will there be an address duplication that represents each of our FX and PundiX tokens on the FX core network?

Will we be required to “send” FX (ERC-20) and PundiX(erc-20) to an address or otherwise to recieve mainnet FX core versions of the tokens?

That is the type of information, perhaps the Logistics of the launch that I am wondering about.

We have no details about this as of yet. I am sure they will provide a medium article once they are very close.

Hoping that it is an automated swap via the fx wallet, which most of us have our token on atm…

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As @Superbit123 said, we’ll release the specifics as soon as Function X is ready to launch. It’ll be very detailed and any questions the community might have will be covered either through Reddit, this forum, telegram or the article itself.


Hi I converted my NPXS tokens to Pundix back in June 21.
After reading an article on FX delegating thought it was time to covert my Pundix erc20 tokens to the f(x) ecosystem. So I used the fx bridge in the F(x) wallet to covert them to function x, which was very easy, except I made the mistake of sending my new Pundix to FX core x chain instead of Pundix x chain. Now my Pundix are sitting in Core (with no value) but to delegate them, I need to move them to Pundix x chain and there is a small fee of course but I have no FX tokens to pay fee.
Question is, If I buy FX on an exchange, am I buying FX erc20 or FX X chain? I do not want to spend $30-50 on eth gas fees for about the $3-5 I will need to move my Pundix via the bridge. Thoughts or suggestions? Thanks

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Message me your fx core address I will send you the required fx

That is way to kind. :innocent:
I can repay you back in Purse after I earn it.

So exchanges not selling Fx core?

Or I can send u Pundix of course duhhh

I have sent it. Please do remove your fx core address from the reply (edit it out)?

Rec’d - thank u so much!
I would like to pay u back in Pundix or Purse.
Let me know which.

Just help another community member in the future if you can. I was in a similar situation once and Pundix Sheriff loaned me some tokens. Circle of life :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan. I really do appreciate your kindness.
:+1: :innocent: