FX core wont accept FX token from ETH Network

I have tried to send the FX in the Eth chain to FX core to delegate Twice. It shows in the notification Sent & Received but it remains on the ETH part of the wallet and I can not delegate it. I have not been having this problem on any other transfer. Yes, I have sufficient Eth in account to cover fees to convert. Any other suggestions to try?

Hi Jaydee,

Did you use the f(x)Bridge to send your FX from Ethereum to f(x)Core?

Only after you’ve bridge, you can then start to delegate.

It is confusing about evm that is called erc-20- or etherem. Also in the starscan.

it should be called FxCore-EVM and not mention anything about ethereum,

No I sent it from Coinbase to eth part of wallet ,like I usually do.

I tried from ipad/ cell/ /desktop / it says transferred and never swaps over. I have $400 on eth to pay in wallet . So it can’t be gas fee it’s $1.54

Now that your FX is on the Ethereum network, you have to bridge it over to f(x)Core to delegate.

Follow these bridge steps:

Should I have sent it to a different place to start with? Damn I’m HATING this new wallet

Nope, you did the correct step, which is sending to your Ethereum address.

  • The next step is to bridge it over to f(x)Core using f(x)Bridge.

This has nothing to do with the wallet; it works fine. You have to familiarize yourself with different networks and bridges in order to understand, it’s all part of being in the blockchain space.

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Why did they change the old way. Every time I turn around it’s some other crap to learn. It’s like they don’t want me to buy and delegate…

Can I transfer all my fx back over to classic and continue to delegate it there?

At the moment, you can’t bridge your FX back to Classic from f(x)Core.

  • However, you can upgrade your classic address to f(x)Core by tapping “Upgrade”.

It is recommended to bridge to f(x)Core to interact with upcoming dApps on Function X.

Here is the comparison between the original classic and f(x)Core:

Have you done your classic address upgrade?

The old way it said it was going to cost me $1.34 to transfer it over .instead it’s costing me $3.54 through the bridge.Thanks for doubling my fees. I delegate my 654,000 votes that fx pays Scene All the fees everyone is paying for continually bailing me out… Thanks again

The fees change depending on Ethereum’s network congestion.

  • f(x)Wallet doesn’t control the fees.

When traffic is high, the fees go up on Ethereum.

  • As you know, the gas fees on f(x)Core, cost less than $0.01.

The bridging fee is out of our control, it all depends on Ethereum.

Lol I can barely delegate , I’d never try to use the D apps

The steps are:

  1. After you buy FX from an exchange, transfer it your Ethereum address on f(x)Wallet
  2. Bridge your FX to f(x)Core → using f(x)Bridge
  3. Once your tokens are on f(x)Core, you can delegate.

3 steps and it is all done.

Once you familiarize yourself with different networks and bridges, it will be easier.

Thanks for the assistance

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