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I am very optimistic about the value of FX in the future, and hope that the long-term entrusted FX will have more rewards. My delegation time is very long, can I get a title or ranking to prove that I am a loyal FX fan, and give me the same treatment as a fixed delegation, the longer I delegation, the more FX will be rewarded, or everyone has more Let’s discuss the FX Delegation incentive plan.

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The rates are set by the quantity of your delegation, if you want more delegate more 30% is your incentive, the control of the reward rate is use to govern the eco system and set out to be released over a 15 year period to validators who are the hero’s of the record keeping of the ledger, as a delegator you help balance the eco system as a supporter but realeasing more to you just because you believe you deserve it only reduces funds available to grow the eco system.

To extend later when core tokens can be created in the FX eco system your likely to gain benefit’s of air drops of those same as from projects developed in the eco system that create NFT’s, stay patient good APY is not easy to come by, recompounding / redelegating your rewards gives you more; more incentives will come but don’t expect them to come in the form of FX. In saying all that I am not admin so who know’s what other goodies the project come up with for loyal supporters.

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Therefore, the reward rate of each delegator should be the same, and the reward cannot be increased according to the individual’s time of delegation. We can’t get more FX but if there is a delegation amount ranking, such as which address delegated more FX, more duration, and will get a ranking or title, I can show off to my friends or invite him participate in FX Delegation, I will also get rewards after the invitation. As long as there are more rewards, whatever it is NFT or any air drops, That would be great.

The APY is governened by the quantity delegated to the eco system as a hole, the size of your return as a delegator is governed by the commission the validator charges to the percentage of your delegation as part of the hole; the total rewards available is a set rate over 15 years, it’s up to the validator if they want to add extra insentives to atract you to delegate to them; Risk verses reward that’s how it works, if you want more reward add more Risk, but the available FX for rewards is a set yearly Quantity there are no extra for extrs rewards unless a validator dip’s into their own returns and they have Runnig costs.

can’t make the incentives to be a delegator better then being a Validator / Node runner governing the eco system or no one will want the run the nodes that keep the eco system going.

Will it possible to short the undelegation period for those who has delegated for a very long time? Since that could encourage everyone to delegate longer and enjoy a nice liquidity when they need those money

the 21 day release is there for Security of the network no matter how patient a potential threat may be, so in other words if there is a way to open a door those with bad intentions will plan and wait for it, don’t see is as a punishment it’s for yours and the eco systems security.

On a side note to that; if there could be set a small quantity limit that could be released a maxium amount of times - Like say 1000FX one day say once a week instantly this would be nice for long term supporters that would like to able to take a quick profit now an then if the case of a masive Rise or financial needs would take the presure off having to hold coin out of delegations so your not left short, but by right’s if you have enough delegated any one weeks rewards return could soon easy get you out of trouble.

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Agree, in this prospective

That would be a major change in the delegation process. Not sure the team would support that since FX is based upon Cosmos code.
If you want to keep some FX for trading, you may not delegate them.


this is item #5 in the public monday board