FX Dex

Since we not have much info about upcoming dex but maybe we can get some enlightening on how things might be like key features of platform as example.

I personally one of dex tools fan and user as its something you have much control over it and fun to use.

I believe the set of features we’re bringing to f(x)Dex is still open for discussion, so it’d be nice to see what kind of features the community desires, so that we know how to create the best version to fit you guys!

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Thanks for giving the mic :microphone: :grin:

Out of standard features in most dex avaliable in market.

-would like to see limit order option with destruction timer like on uniswap v3

-Adding farming basket option, Giving users list option with apy % for various tokens list on fx ecosystem with smart contract option to auto distribute balance using fx as capital…


Adding to above points.

Counter for front running issue due to sandwich bots, its one of malicious activites some do to manipulate order value and drain in action.

Solution can be with high speed of txn confirm on chain but still actors can be faster or lowering slippage limits just thinking out loud

This is one point out some why I did mention adding limit order as this type of orders goes offchain and can be hidden for good.

Would like to see a P2P trading option

I think right now, P2P trading would help boost the number of wallet addresses since a lot of people would have easier access to fx and pundix using their local currency. I heard number of wallet addresses is one of the major criteria for listing or Binance though.

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Actually one of the features recently i saw on another DEX was:

Have a timer safeguard (First 3 hours) with a limit on how much a person can buy in the first 3 hours for any ICO / IDO that gets listed on our DEX.

To prevent bots from buying out the liquidity when the ICO / IDO goes live.

For example:
In April, there was a popular IDO called Refinable Coin by HK Team, invested by Mr Beast and Binance. When their ICO / IDO went live on PanCakeSwap, 2 bots managed to buy at least 95% of the whole liquidity in the first 2 trades and then dumped back in the next 1 second at like x1000 jump since they bought 95% of the liquidity and there was a huge difference in BNB/Refinable pairing which resulted in price surge, all within 1 second.

Bots are able to get in first since it is a bot.

To prevent this, i saw a few DEXes implemented a timer + a limit on how much a person can buy in the first 3 hours for fair buy.

For the first 3 hours, each address can only purchase XXX amount.

Similar to how Pundi X did their ICO back then, there was a limit on how much a person can purchase although back then, only the whitelisted ones can buy.

But of course, this only applies if FX DEX will include letting other companies do ICO / IDO / IFO on our DEX in the future.

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The limit buying for the first few hours sounds good to me

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For inspiration, maybe can look at Raydium DEX on Solana. @zaccheah @DavidK @eduardstal


The colors and UI looks SUPER SLICK af.

Very neat.

I think fx dex need support multi chain network so we can bring other chain liquidity to fx dex network liquidity

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Certainly! Even if that was not mentioned, I assumed ir expected that. If not, what’s the use of the bridge? But time is not on our side, we really hope the team moves faster.