FX Ecosystem, Liquidity and Community Pool - A Discussion

Hello Everyone!

I am pondering through several governance questions I had today and wanted to begin discussion on the proposal for the 40% community tax rate we are likely starting with for FX core.

My questions to the devs, as well as the rest of the community is how what the current fund usage targets will be.

I would like to see a clear description of the initial set of proposed use cases of these newly minted tokens.

  • Developers

  • Community

  • Liquidity providers

  • Etcetera

I would like to get a feel for what sort of split of fund usage could be considered and the process we would go about voting on such endeavors.

Doing some basic analysis of what a 40% tax rate means in the first year.

  • 157,788,000 newly minted tokens
    40% of this equates to 63,115,200 tokens. At current prices this would equal $12.6 million

This is a significant sum.

Such incentives need to be carefully managed and curated to best support our entire ecosystem.

Lets begin governance talk on how this would proceed!

I found this table, could be answer to your question.

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Thank you for linking the table. I had seen it before I made this.

My purpose was more to begin stimulating governance discussion for the community to start talking about topics like this.

Eventually the goal of a DAO is to make decisions such as this with only guidance from the company.

Each of us needs to feel well informed and understanding of where these funds go so we can properly vote with proper knowledge.

Do you have any thoughts on the splits proposed here? In each category what would the funds be allocated for? These are broad terms in each category and need deeper refinement.

I suspect the team has rubrics in place but lets have the discussion as well!

If i’m not wrong, some of the ecosystem pool is for Pundi X staking reward.

Stake PUNDIX to earn FX - XPOS will be the main driver of the FX system so i can see why there should be some incentive for PundiX.

Majority of the transactions will come from XPOS in the future when lots of shops start to accept crypto and use our XPOS device for transaction, it will be a snowball effect. It is a win-win-win situation.

for the pundix staking there is the PR reward token…

fx governance will only be fx staking and the fx service providers and fx developers…

I don’t know how to tag someone so they can see it but I was hoping someone from the team could hear this suggestion or ideally reply to it. Someone on the telegram group made a good suggestion and the suggestion was that are we able to use a portion of this fund for listing fees. I know the company doesn’t want to pay exorbitant listing fees out of their pocket but this is a community pool and we should be able to decide, to some degree, where the money is spent. We need new exchanges badly and if this is the way to do it, I think it’s a good idea. What do you guys think?

Yeah, i hope there will be clearer discussions about what they are planning to do with this 40% reserve.

Liquidity Providers seems like a good option for listing on new exchanges.

What else? Gamification? Lottery?

So far, nothing has been said about this 40% ecosystem reserved funds.