FX Launchpad Crypto Project

Hello Fx Team,

I write proposal on behalf of B2camp.id team, launchpad project for the Function-X blockchain community.

Launchpad is a project platform that gather between investor and user/trader as bucket for crypto project startup who want to raise fund decentrally public and privately
Please find the link to Pull Request/Grant Proposal details below:


This dapp will have big impact for growth fx chain

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@orbitant @SCENE @Superbit123 @ScaleMoment @Alchimist

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Welcome to function x community

do you have MVP or working product

hi @elisalisa we don’t have MVP, this lauchpad is our team idea, once we got granted fund we will make it as MPV first then full product. our team experienced built product for music publisher https://publisher.alunamusik.com/ this authentication required signature wallet for login using trustwallet and https://app.alunamusik.com/ this for public listener also we built Enak Eats for public and further we will make it as decentralize music app, although we don’t have experienced built dapp we much understand how blockchain dapp work especially in EVM ecosystem. be trust our team you will get big surprise about our idea and product thank you :slight_smile:

15.000 usd for idea is too expensive
we wanted a more reasonable budget
You need atleast show MVP if you ask that budget

hi @bigwhales no problem we can discuss and negotiate, so i am with team will deliver what the features need to deliver first for the MVP, at the first milestone there are 10 points so if we deliver all it almost become product. we can make decrease from that amount might we need only $2000 to deliver until 3 points it will take 1 month for the first MVP deliverable. as well the MVP need small budget for development right? are you agree with this?

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I support @argan launchpad dapp 100%
Dapp looklike pinksale will attract alot attention
Please to all fx community, this dapp need get yes

@indra @ByteXSylvia

as always… feel free to make a egf proposal… if it passes you will get the funding

ok @Alchimist i’ll try submit the proposal on chain, thank you

Hi, here are the guide lines.


Landing page
Launchpad MVP on progress

@orbitant @SCENE @zaccheah @Danny @Alchimist @Superbit123
Need your opinion, criticism, feedback

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@IvanFunctionX … oops! you tag me again :stuck_out_tongue:

In case you’re not aware, I’m not part of Function X nor handling EGF proposals.

On my personal capacity (not representing MarginX either) … I think you may want to check on using “Pundi”, as it may be a misrepresentation, copyright infringement and can also be misleading to the existing community. Good to establish a new identity and branding if you’re serious about building a sustainable solution.



thanks om @IvanFunctionX for supporting us, and thank @orbitant for your feedback. since our domain looks similar likes pundi or pundix and maybe misleading to our communities it will renamed to other domain after our onchain proposal is approved, so i think for temporary we still use this domain :slight_smile:


You just need to focus on MVP and on chain proposal right now

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@indra check this too

Dear FX team,
We finally have a MVP with minimal features such as Token Creation, Token Locker, Launchpad Creation and Presale List built on FX blockchain, currently the platform support interact with metamask wallet on FX Testnet version and we still continue to build the platform on FX chain please access the platform at this link https://pundi.sale .


Q1 :

  • Technical and Business Team Member - Done
  • Build MVP - Done
  • Presale Transaction (Buy, Claim, Withdraw and Cancel by owner)
  • Presale with Lock Token
  • Presale with Liquidity Lock
  • Auto Add Token and Luquidity Trading Pair on Fx Swap (by owner)

Q2 :

  • Mainnet Live
  • Add KYC Support
  • Marketing
  • Airdrop all token
  • Support Using Fx Core Wallet and Trustwallet (Wallet connect)
  • Single Staking
  • Auto Farm


  • Launch Pundisale Token
  • Marketing
  • TBA…

We are seriously to build the best launchpad platform on Fx chain, our platform is better than the other as wa protected investor fund, prevent rugpull, lock liquidity, safe smart contract validation and etc…

We hope this can fulfill for proposal requirement.
need your feedback cc om @IvanFunctionX @indra @SCENE
Thank you