Fx Mainet Blockchain

I would really like if the fx blockchain could be extended into various devices like security cameras and devices, banking softwares, high security monitoring gadgets that require almost no downtime. I would personally be interested in the security cameras if that were possible

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Hi !

Could you elaborate your request ?
Do you mean systems would onboard the blockchain ? (Very expensive then…)
Or just being able to add a hash of a video/picture inside the blockchain to have a proof in the future ?

I’m referring to using mainet as a secure blockchain for security purposes like streaming videos through webcam or CCTV cameras or using mainet blockchain as a secure connection for other financial apps which institutions and governments could safely use online, or even secure home wifi to protect smart homes from hackers, etc. But personally, I would be interested in a CCTV camera that could upload video clips and photos on mainet for secure purposes

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Ok : I understand now.
I’m assuming that IPFS protocols and ENS domains could be implemented once we onboard a fully-functioning EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) in the FunctionX mainnet.
It’s a bit early for that, but I’m pretty sure we’ll see nice stuff in that domain in the future.


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I think it would be possible. But companies have to find out about FXCore first then build on it or Function X team can try to approach a company & do a collab/partnership to build on FXCore using EGF/Community Pool.

I remembered @zaccheah wrote this amazing article back in 2020 - Article contributions from @Danny and Pitt Huang. Suggestions by Dr. Yos Ginting, @DavidK and @indra

There could be multiple zones, each zones could represent different departments.


Many more.

I feel like more people should re-read this article. We should have a dedicated page on Function X that showcase all these articles explaining everything about Function X, not a new tab to medium.

Since the medium is a mess. Not sure about you guys but in Telegram, quite a lot of people are having a hard time navigating FX Medium since there is no English filter.

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