Fx network support on cex

It’s been 4 years project fx and pundix
And theres no centralize exchange support fx network

We investor have hard time with high eth gas fee


ok since the launch of the fx core evm this should be much much easier to implement now.

and its utterly important to do so before the next halving event triggers the bullrun and time of maximum attention.

FX needs to position themselves in the next 6 months or this opportunity is wasted again for next 4 years.

We actually dont need marketing before this happens. because every marketing for a non optimal access coin is wasted money and time. But we need to do it to grow. With the evm activated we now have the capabilities to do so. It should be easy to implement on every exchange that did already with another evm coin.

@indra are you still in the listing process? How are the plans to do this? Coinbase huobi and kucoin for the start would reach most of the worlds investors… those three should be focus since they already listed fx…

Hi Alchimist,

For the CEX chain support, the process is similar to token listing. We cannot comment anything publicly during the process and the decision will be from the CEX. We are working on it, and hopefully with the EVM chain, it will help on the review process.

ah ok i thought it would be an easier process for exchanges that already listed fx… just wanted to now if there was done everything needed to get it started…

From technical perspective everything is ready to get the current listings upgraded to fx core evm connections? And huobi / coinbase / kucoin got such a request on their desk?


Yes, from our side, it is ready. The decision and timeline to integrate will be on exchanges side.


thats what i wanted to hear… now just need to know who to bribe or sleep with xD

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So again, stuff is made, ready for use, and than nobody adopts it.

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exchanges are profit oriented… and as long as the function x foundation doesnt make it clear that they will make profit with it nothing will happen… why should they put work into it if they dont make money with it… so this is clearly a task for the fx team to push


Is it possible to start with a tier 2 exchange such as gate.io ?


If I’d known earlier “sleeping with” someone would help !!!
I’m very good at sleeping !