Fx swap feedback

Hi there,

I use Fx swap, and I’ve found some issues that can be fixed for a better user experience.

1°) When I connect to FXSwap Info, my antivirus blocks me the access. As this forum before. I use AVG Antivirus.

2°) PURSE token, on BNBchain, we have fees for every transfer. On FxChain, we don’t have fees. So I think It’s better to remove fees on BNB or add fees for every transfer on FxChain.

3°) Information for liquidity provider.

I add liquidity every week in each pool, and I can’t figure it out how to know the value of my deposit. I have only the deposit of my LP Tokens inside, but it’s not simple to understand how much value I have inside.

I hope this information helps to build a better experience.

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I was wondering the same thing as in point 3

If you click on withdraw you can see it here :point_down:

right now the only option

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Is there a reason why we dont have a fx/btc pair in fxswap?

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Hi @FxWorldValidator, WBTC is in the plans and will be considered for the upcoming batches.


i hope soon and also BTC/BTC Lighting